French elec­tion and pro-U.S. sen­ti­ment

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I can hardly be­lieve the head­lines about the con­ser­va­tive, pro-U.S. can­di­date win­ning the pres­i­dency of France at a time when all we hear in the press is how much the world hates us.

A French friend of mine told me once that the French did not hate Amer­ica. In fact, she said, more of them sup­port us than what we hear in the me­dia. She went on to say that their me­dia is also dom­i­nated by left-wing, so­cial­ist types as is our own me­dia here in the U.S. We are con­stantly told by our own me­dia how tax cuts hurt the poor, while the op­po­site is proven true, how we are mil­i­tary im­pe­ri­al­ists and that we all love the Clin­tons. She told me that while visit­ing her fam­ily back in France, they could not un­der­stand how she could be a con­ser­va­tive who voted against the lib­eral Clin­tons when all they heard in their me­dia was that all Amer­i­cans loved the Clin­tons. The in­ter­na­tional so-called news or­gani- za­tions are all very left-of-cen­ter, there­fore we get dis­torted, un­true ac­counts of al­most ev­ery­thing.

Con­ser­va­tive Ni­co­las Sarkozy as the new pres­i­dent of France will re­ceive bad press and will have an up­hill bat­tle bring­ing the French econ­omy out of the nan­nys­tate and into a grow­ing, com­pet­i­tive spirit. My friend told me she was al­ways mys­ti­fied how much the so­cial­ists wanted to pro­tect France from Amer­ica’s in­flu­ence, such as hot-dogs and ham­burg­ers, while al­low­ing a far-east­ern Moslem cul­ture to move in, set up en­claves with their own re­li­gious laws, and thumb its nose at French cul­ture and law. There’s no ex­plain­ing so­cial­ists, lib­er­als, and com­mu­nists. Thank God for a base of French men and women who see the truth about so­cial­ism and want to stop it. Leo Kuschnereit Mid­west City, Oklahoma

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