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In the late 1980s, a West Vir­ginia leg­is­la­tor pro­posed in­creas­ing the fine for killing a baby ea­gle, or de­stroy­ing an ea­gle’s egg, to I be­lieve $25,000. I wrote a let­ter to the ed­i­tor ob­serv­ing that the same leg­is­la­tor’s sup­port of state-funded abor­tion of ba­bies was morally and in­tel­lec­tu­ally con­tra­dic­tory. He called to tell me he didn’t see any con­nec­tion be­tween the two is­sues.

In the re­cent Supreme Court de­ci­sion, Gon­za­les v. Carhart, the court up­held the Par­tial-Birth Abor­tion Ban Act of 2003 in a 5-4 de­ci­sion. A dis­sent­ing mi­nor­ity opin­ion by Jus­tice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said, “The no­tion that the Par­tial-Birth Abor­tion Ban Act fur­thers any le­git­i­mate gov­ern­men­tal in­ter­est is, quite sim­ply, ir­ra­tional.” Ir­ra­tional that our gov­ern­ment should not care about a pro­ce­dure that turns the full-term healthy baby around in the birth process, leav­ing just the head in the womb while the skull is pierced and the brain vac­u­umed, so it can still be con­sid­ered “un­born” and killed as an abor­tion?

For­mer Sen. Rick San­to­rum tells that when he was speak­ing on the floor of the U.S. Se­nate ar­gu­ing in fa­vor of over­rid­ing Pres­i­dent Clin­ton’s veto of the Par­tial­Birth Abor­tion Ban Act, an­other sen­a­tor on the floor likened the pro­ce­dure to a sim­ple ap­pen­dec­tomy.

Ac­cord­ing to news re­ports, Vir­ginia Tech English pro­fes­sor and of­fi­cial school poet Nikki Gio­vanni com­pared the re­cent school shoot­ing tragedy to “the un­fair­ness of baby ele­phants los­ing their habi­tats be­cause of man-made de­vel­op­ment.”

Th­ese for anec­dotes re­flect a nar­cis­sis­tic thought dis­ease that plagues and di­vides our na­tion. Psy­chol­o­gist and au­thor David Coon calls it “cog­ni­tive dis­so­nance” — a psy­chol­ogy the­ory that peo­ple tend to re­ject new in­for­ma­tion that con­tra­dicts ideas they al­ready hold. How to pen­e­trate cog­ni­tive dis­so­nance with higher moral ideas must be the chal­lenge of the cen­tury. Brad Ad­kins Scott De­pot, West Vir­ginia

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