‘Jerry’s moun­tain’

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“Realtor Brenda Phelps likes to point out the sights to those con­tem­plat­ing a move to Lynch­burg: ‘There’s Jerry’s church. There’s Jerry’s moun­tain.’ Once, when asked if Jerry Fal­well per­son­ally owned that land over­look­ing the city, she said no, Lib­erty Univer­sity did — ‘but it’s Jerry’s moun­tain.’

“Lynch­burg is one of those cities that, in the Ro­man tra­di­tion, claim to be built on seven hills, and Jerry Fal­well, who died on May 15 at age 73, was a man of many moun­tains. He’s prob­a­bly best known for found­ing the Moral Ma­jor­ity in 1979 and quickly grow­ing it to 6.5 mil­lion mem­bers: It played a ma­jor role in elect­ing Ron­ald Rea­gan but faded in the late 1980s.

“Lib­erty Univer­sity is an­other Fal­well moun­tain: It be­gan as Lynch­burg Bap­tist Col­lege in 1971 and [. . .] now claims al­most 10,000 stu­dents in res­i­dence, with 15,000 more in dis­tance learn­ing pro­grams. He hoped some day to have Lib­erty play Notre Dame in foot­ball and joked [. . .] that he was of­fi­cially Lib­erty’s chan­cel­lor but pri­mar­ily its ath­letic di­rec­tor.”

Marvin Olasky, writ­ing on “Jerry’s Moun­tains,” in the May 26 is­sue of World

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