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“When a peo­ple is un­der siege it mat­ters more, not less, how the be­sieged treat each other. Per­haps I am wrong, or only partly right, but it seems as though too many Jews are treat­ing each other in a man­ner that is hardly lov­ing, eth­i­cal or even min­i­mally civil.

“This wor­ries me more than do the forces of ir­ra­tional ha­tred ar­rayed against us. [. . .]

“We have all heard about raised voices and raised fists, soulscorch­ing sar­casm, ter­ri­ble threats, theft, cor­rup­tion, adul­tery, in­cest, wife-beat­ing, child-abuse, ad­dic­tion within the Jewish com­mu­nity. I de­spair — not be­cause of what non-Jews may think, but be­cause of what God may think and what our col­lec­tive pun­ish­ment might ul­ti­mately be. [. . .]

“Such be­hav­ior de­mor­al­izes and shames Jews who of­ten end up leav­ing the Jewish or­ga­ni­za­tional world. [. . .]

“Liv­ing as we do in a time of grow­ing anti-Semitism, and with Is­rael seem­ingly adrift and lack­ing strong lead­er­ship, we must, for the sake of Jewish sur­vival, fol­low Hil­lel’s time­less maxim: That which is hate­ful to you, do not do to oth­ers.”

Phyl­lis Ch­esler, writ­ing on “My Jewish Wars: A Dis­patch From The Front,” May 16 in the Jewish Press

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