Cost of courage

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“My teenage son, Nick, is smacked in the face with lib­eral, so­cial­ist dogma ev­ery day of his life. The no­tion that Big Daddy Gov­ern­ment can take care of ev­ery­one [. . .] is com­monly ac­cepted in his gen­er­a­tion, be­cause that’s the mes­sage that’s shoved down their throats by the mod­ern cul­ture.

“It’s no won­der John Stos­sel’s book, ‘Myths, Lies and Down­right Stu­pid­ity,’ is Nick’s new ‘text­book’ for fight­ing ig­no­rance.

“ ‘Myths’ is the very best grad­u­a­tion gift you could buy for any kid headed off to that bas­tion of lib­eral dogma — the Amer­i­can col­lege cam­pus. [. . .]

“Stos­sel’s will­ing­ness to be coura­geous has not been with­out per­sonal cost. As a young re­porter on a mis­sion to ex­pose the ills of busi­ness and com­pe­ti­tion, John was show­ered with 19 Emmy awards be­fore his own re­port­ing con­vinced him that peo­ple and na­tions thrive in free mar­kets. He hasn’t taken home one award since.”

Re­becca Hagelin, writ­ing on “John Stos­sel: Myth buster ex­traor­di­naire,” May 17 in World­Net­

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