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How about a poll that shows the per­cent­age of Amer­i­cans that had the abor­tion is­sue on their minds in the days fol­low­ing 9/11. It seems like a valid ques­tion that Chris Matthews or even Tim Russert would never ask. And why is that? Sim­ple. No one thought about any­thing at all ex­cept the threats to our na­tion at the time and how to deal with them. Roe vs. Wade is three decades old and, frankly, as a pro-life Repub­li­can I am so sick and tired of this is­sue be­ing used by lib­er­als in the main­stream me­dia to throw in the face of ev­ery Repub­li­can run­ning for any­thing to try to make them squirm and dance to not alien­ate the “base” and the all-im­por­tant elec­torate in gen­eral. Right now, Rudy Gi­u­liani is be­ing cru­ci­fied for be­ing pro-choice, and I won­der what the ul­ti­mate goal is.

May I be one of the first to say that all Repub­li­cans should put the old abor­tion de­bate on hold for a few years and deal with the more press­ing is­sue of keep­ing those who want to slice our heads off at bay. The con­ser­va­tives who vote in the pri­maries need to re­al­ize that its Rudy or Hil­lary at this point. Un­less some­thing to­tally dra­matic hap­pens, she will be the Demo­cratic nom­i­nee. Who do we want to put up against her? Sam Brown­back? Mike Huck­abee? Or do we nom­i­nate some­one could win the elec­tion big time, is strong as they come on na­tional se­cu­rity and has strong lead­er­ship qual­i­ties. And for the so­cial con­ser­va­tives un­com­fort­able with his three mar­riages I say, are you more com­fort­able with Hil­lary’s one hus­band?

So to all Repub­li­can pri­mary vot­ers threat­en­ing to stay home like a bunch of ba­bies or to never vote for a pro-choice can­di­date, think about this. If Hil­lary wins, there will be a nice framed por­trait of her sit­ting in the oval of­fice grac­ing the walls of ev­ery Planned Par­ent­hood of­fice in the coun­try. Is that what we want? Rocco Cara Free­hold, New Jer­sey

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