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“The [Wall Street Jour­nal] is still ag­i­tat­ing for open borders. [. . . ] Ge­orge Mel­loan is wor­ried that — to para­phrase the coun­try song — we’ve picked a fine time to crack down for real, with poor hungr y din­ers and the crops in the fields. [. . .]

“[Mr. Mel­loan writes:] ‘The well-man­i­cured lawns in my home town would soon be­come weed gar­dens in the ab­sence of the Mex­i­cans who man land­scape ser­vices. [. . .] Repub­li­cans [. . . ] are frozen in the head­lights of the anti-im­mi­grant cam­paigns be­ing con­ducted by na­tivists and vig­i­lantes in their home states. Hate and emo­tion do not pro­duce good laws.’

“I am re­ally tired of the sneer­ing and smear­ing from th­ese peo­ple. They refuse to en­gage border se­cu­rity ar­gu­ments and in­stead es­cape to a fan­tasy world in which they’re the wise solons wearily sur­vey­ing us grunt­ing, eas­ily led mo­rons who, out of base pas­sions, want to in­ter­fere with the nat­u­ral or­der of things.”

— Blog­ger “SeeDubya,” writ­ing on “Is it re­ally worth point­ing out that the WSJ is still tout­ing open borders and smear­ing op­po­nents?” July 26 at Junk­

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