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“The Amer­i­can press has the blues. Too many au­thor­i­ties have as­sured it that its days are num­bered, too many good news­pa­pers are in ru­ins. It has lost too much pub­lic re­spect. [. . .] It is abused re­lent­lessly on talk ra­dio and in In­ter­net blogs. [. . .]

“Sur­veys show­ing that more and more young peo­ple get their news from television and com­put­ers breed a melan­choly sense that the press is yes­ter­year’s thing, a horse-drawn buggy on an eight-lane in­ter­state.

“Then there are the em­bar­rass­ments: hoax­ers like Jayson Blair and Stephen Glass turn jour­nal­ism into farce [. . .] What be­came of he­roes? In­stead of he­roes, to­day’s ta­ble talk is about jour­nal­is­tic frauds and a Wash­ing­ton press too dim to stay out of a three-card-monte game.”

— Rus­sell Baker, writ­ing on “Good­bye to News­pa­pers?” in the Aug. 16 is­sue of the New York Re­view of Books

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