The demise of Ward Churchill

The Washington Times Weekly - - Commentary - Bill O’Reilly

Well, it took two-and-ahalf years, but the Univer­sity of Colorado fi­nally axed the nutty pro­fes­sor. Ward Churchill has been fired for aca­demic mis­con­duct, in­clud­ing pla­gia­rism. De­spite those as­ser­tions, this was re­ally about an out-of-con­trol teacher earn­ing nearly $100,000 a year say­ing things so fool­ish that no in­sti­tute of learn­ing could sup­port them.

Imag­ine los­ing a loved one in the World Trade Cen­ter on 9/11 and then hear­ing a tenured pro­fes­sor of "Eth­nic Stud­ies" ac­cuse your dead rel­a­tive or friend of be­ing "a lit­tle Eich­mann," a Nazi. All be­cause the mur­dered per­son worked in a cap­i­tal­is­tic en­ter­prise.

That state­ment from Churchill is the equiv­a­lent of a teacher deny­ing the Holo­caust hap­pened or say­ing that slav­ery wasn't evil. How could any school al­low a teacher that mis­guided to in­struct stu­dents? Talk about aca­demic mal­prac­tice!

Pre­dictably, the "free speech" corps rushed to de­fen d Churchill's "opin­ion." The ACLU urged CU not to fire the man, and a bunch of other phonies screamed "aca­demic free­dom."

That must have amused old Larry Sum­mers, the for­mer pres­i­dent of Har­vard. In Jan­uary 2005, Sum­mers pub­licly mused that maybe women were not as pro­fi­cient in math and science as men be­cause more males were em­ployed in those dis­ci­plines.

Well, you would have thought that Sum­mers had called women Nazis. The Har­vard fac­ulty pounded Sum­mers into pud­ding, and he was forced to re­sign. The PC forces de­stroyed him, with barely a peep from the "free speech" lobby. In fact, the ACLU's Women's Rights Project de­manded that Sum­mers re­scind his re­marks.

Now, please, can we put this ACLU thing to bed once and for all? This is a far-left ad­vo­cacy group with no in­ter­est in any­body's speech it doesn't like. Yeah, once in a while it'll stick up for a non-lib­eral cause, but in a con­trived pub­lic-re­la­tions move. You want free speech? The ACLU is a dis­hon­est group that hides be­hind the First Amend­ment in or­der to pro­mote a sec­u­lar-pro­gres­sive Amer­ica. So sue me.

More free speech: Ward Churchill hates the United States and de­famed in­no­cent peo­ple who were bru­tally killed on 9/11. The cha­rade of fir­ing him took far too long. He's now su­ing, and that's fine. Even though he loathes this coun­try, he's in love with the pro­tec­tions it af­fords him. What a guy. This en­tire sor­did episode demon­strates that fa­nat­ics on the left like Churchill have a built in fan base in the me­dia and in the cor­ri­dors of higher ed­u­ca­tion. The Univer­sity of Colorado fi­nally did the right thing, but it did it the wrong way.

Col­lege pro­fes­sors may have cushier jobs than the rest of us, but they also have a re­spon­si­bil­ity to tell the truth. Most of those mur­dered in the World Trade Cen­ter were de­cent hu­man be­ings just try­ing to do well by their fam­i­lies.

Churchill called them Nazis. For that, he de­serves to be shunned for­ever.

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