Haze of blood

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If a drug ad­dict or al­co­holic can’t rec­og­nize him­self as an ad­dict, then he won’t and can’t rec­og­nize other ad­dicts. Ter­ror­ism is the same thing. If a po­lit­i­cal party en­dorses ter­ror­ism in its party plat­form (abor­tion) and doesn’t rec­og­nize it­self as a ter­ror­ist, then it won’t and can’t rec­og­nize other ter­ror­ists. This is why we can’t al­low the Demo­cratic Party to win the White House in 2008.

Democrats are in­ca­pable of de­fend­ing Amer­ica against ter­ror­ism. Any log­i­cal think­ing per­son knows that hu­man life be­gins at con­cep­tion. It’s plain and sim­ple, in­ten­tion­ally abort­ing the in­no­cent, sa­cred and de­fense­less life of a baby is an act of ter­ror­ism.

Democrats have kicked God out of their party. When you do that, you no longer rec­og­nize the truth. Just ask a Demo­crat can­di­date if he be­lieves in abor­tion (a yes or no an­swer), his an­swer will be that he be­lieves in choice. A per­son who can’t an­swer yes or no wants to de­ceive you or re­di­rect your at­ten­tion. De­ceiv­ing is the same as ly­ing and ly­ing is not the truth.

Democrats will tell you that an abor­tion doc­tor is per­form­ing a med­i­cal pro­ce­dure and that a sui­cide bomber ter­ror­ist is a free­dom fighter. Democrats can’t rec­og­nize the truth. There are many in their party who think that Pres­i­dent Bush was in­volved with bring­ing down the World Trade Cen­ter build­ings. They don’t rec­og­nize the truth. If you don’t rec­og­nize the truth, then you can’t de­fend Amer­ica. Ron Waskowiak Marsh­field, Wis­con­sin

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