Don’t give in to fear, free Lady Lib­erty

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While we vividly re­mem­ber the de­struc­tion at the World Trade Cen­ter and the Pen­tagon, as well as the de­struc­tion in a Penn­syl­va­nia field, many have forgotten an­other land­mark ca­su­alty on Septem­ber 11 that was not even a tar­get of ter­ror­ism. How­ever, it none­the­less be­came a tar­get of ter­ror­ism: the Statue of Lib­erty.

Af­ter Septem­ber 11, the statue was closed due to the lack of es­cape op­tions. Now only the base is open to the pub­lic. This is a com­plete and ut­ter out­rage. If we can send men to the moon and build a McDon­ald’s in two weeks, why can’t we fix Lady Lib­erty so it can be open to the pub­lic again? How about even go­ing all the way to the torch, which has been closed since be­fore World War I?

This was a land­mark that ter­ror­ists did not even think of us­ing on Septem­ber 11 yet it be­came the big­gest tar­get that hor­ri­ble day. It was the only tar­get where we let ter­ror­ism win: where we stopped our way of life and yielded to such evil. As much as no­body wants to hear it; if an­other plane hits a build­ing, those above where it hit will most likely not sur­vive. Yet we did not shut down ev­ery other build­ing in the U.S., only one poor old lady.

I will never will­ingly go to the is­land where Lady Lib­erty stands un­til she has been lib­er­ated and open to the pub­lic once again. I will not make a trip there just to go into some mean­ing­less struc­tural base.

I hope peo­ple can help get this mes­sage out for the poor lady who has been forgotten since Septem­ber 11. I never have forgotten when those tow­ers fell; when the Pen­tagon was hit; and when those he­roes on Flight 93 saved many lives. At the same time, I will not for­got what has hap­pened to Lady Lib­erty on that day ei­ther. Michael B Da­ley Har­ris­burg, Penn­syl­va­nia

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