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My health, and my fam­ily’s health, is my re­spon­si­bil­ity. The gov­ern­ment needs to stay out of my health­care.

The United States gov­ern­ment needs to stop this ridicu­lous “war on drugs” that keeps us from get­ting sim­ple God-given reme­dies with­out hav­ing to go to some physi­cian’s of­fice for tests (at $300 to $4,000 a pop) for a pre­scrip­tion that will cost us $60 to $300 when a sim­ple God­given rem­edy would cost less than $10. And, our mor­tal­ity rate would be far lower than with the chem­i­cal com­pa­nies’ con­coc­tions.

I do not want na­tional or global free health care. Please, tell our pres­i­dent, con­gress­men and state of­fi­cials to leave us to take care of our­selves. And we will be much health­ier. J. Pee­bee Rim­rock, Ari­zona

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