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Our Congress con­tin­u­ally in­sults our intelligence when it pro­poses putting fi­nan­cial and/or reg­u­la­tory bur­dens on our in­dus­tries and busi­nesses os­ten­si­bly to save us taxes.

Any thought what­so­ever ap­plied to the prac­tice tells us that any time a load that costs money is put on any firm, that cost will have to be re­cov­ered by the in­dus­try via the price of its prod­uct or ser­vice. So, who picks up the even­tual cost? An­swer: the con­sumer. It seems this is just a ploy to give us yet an­other “hid­den” tax.

Take the re­cent move by the House to take some tax “breaks” from the oil in­dus­try and im­pose still more of a tax bur­den on them. What will that do to the price we pay for gaso­line?

Are we to be­lieve Congress over­looked this re­sult or does it sim­ply rely on the ap­a­thy or ig­no­rance of the pub­lic?

If any of th­ese rep­re­sen­ta­tives are not aware of the con­se­quences of such ac­tions, they should not be in of­fice. Not a bad idea. Don Pix­ley Ocala, Florida

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