A threat against civ­i­lized so­ci­ety it­self

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Re: the ar­ti­cle in the Nov. 5 edi­tion ti­tled “Pros­e­cu­tion of in­ter­na­tional sex tourists proves cum­ber­some” (World sec­tion, page 26), thank you, Barr y Brown, for ad­dress­ing the hor­ren­dous crime of in­ter­na­tional sex tourism. So­ci­ety does not grant sex, mar­riage and in­ti­mate re­la­tion­ships the sanc­tity that they de­serve. Un­til this hap­pens, so­ci­ety will not pros­e­cute sex­ual crimes, par­tic­u­larly those against chil­dren and other dis­em­pow­ered groups, with the dili­gence that they de­serve.

Mr. Brown’s ar­ti­cle states that the max­i­mum penalty fo r sex tour ism crimes in the United States is 30 years in prison. Sadly, th­ese crimes and sim­i­lar crimes such as in­cest rarely reach the court­room, and when the courts do get in­volved, per­pe­tra­tors of­ten come away with lit­tle more than a slap on the wrist de­spite the bro­ken lives left in their wake. Vic­tims of child­hood sex­ual crimes of­ten do not have a true un­der­stand­ing of the grav­ity of the of­fense against them un­til they reach adult­hood and have an adult knowl­edge of sex­u­al­ity and its pro­found emo­tional im­pact on their lives. By then, it’s usu­ally too late to pur­sue any le­gal ac­tion against the per­pe­tra­tors, and the adults who were abused as chil­dren are left to strug­gle with putting to­gether the pieces of their bro­ken lives.

Pe­dophiles walk among us ev­ery day, com­mit­ting their crimes against fam­ily mem­bers and strangers, and many of us fail to see them be­cause they look just like you or me. When their crimes do come to light, pe­dophiles are of­ten seen as hope­lessly dis­eased and not held fully ac­count­able for what they’ve done. Un­til we get se­ri­ous and pros­e­cute pe­dophilia, in­cest, and sex tourism as crimes that could hap­pen to any­one’s son or daugh­ter, we do a grave dis­ser­vice to the vic­tims and, ul­ti­mately, to so­ci­ety. Karen Nilsen Old Fort, North Carolina

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