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The chal­lenge of fam­ily spats over pol­i­tics is com­mon enough to war­rant an ap­pear­ance in “Dear Pru­dence,” a man­ners and moral­ity ad­vice col­umn at Slate.com

“My fam­ily mem­bers are staunch Democrats and love to bad­mouth Repub­li­cans ev­ery time the con­ver­sa­tion turns to pol­i­tics. This is heart­break­ing, be­cause I my­self am a se­cret Repub­li­can. My mom al­ready knows that I’m in love with a Repub­li­can, and she won’t stop con­demn­ing him be­hind his back for his be­liefs, call­ing him names like ‘right-wing whack job’ and ‘lit­tle lord Repub­liroy,’ ” wrote one teenager last week.

“Dear Repub­li­can,” came the re­ply from colum­nist Emily Yoffe. “Start with your mother and tell her you thought one es­sen­tial pre­cept of the Demo­cratic Party’s prin­ci­ples is that all peo­ple de­serve to be treated with re­spect, what­ever their race, creed, or stature. Ex­plain that if your fam­ily thinks its po­lit­i­cal views give them a claim to moral su­pe­ri­or­ity, they un­der­cut it ev­ery time one of them ridicules your boyfriend for his be­liefs. Let her know her in­sults aren’t chang­ing your feel­ings for him — or your own be­liefs — they’re only caus­ing a breach be­tween the two of you.”

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