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Richard New­comb at Newsbusters.org asks a ques­tion that re­ally doesn’t need an an­swer:

Does the me­dia treat hyp­ocrites of dif­fer­ing po­lit­i­cal pref­er­ences sim­i­larly? The ev­i­dence would sug­gest not. [. . . ]

Famed left-wing ra­dio per­son­al­ity Bernie Ward of San Fran­cisco, a for­mer priest who had one of the loud­est and most con­sis­tently anti-Ge­orge W. Bush voices in the en­tire na­tion, was found guilty of pos­sess­ing and dis­tribut­ing child pornog­ra­phy on [May 9] and will serve at least five years in prison. Ward tried to ar­gue that he was “do­ing re­search” on child pornog­ra­phy [. . . ].

If the me­dia is truly ob­jec­tive, they will cover this fall from grace as as­sid­u­ously as they did with [Chris­tian evan­gel­i­cal min­is­ters Jim] Bakker, [Ted] Hag­gard and the oth­ers they have glee­fully ob­served suc­cumb to their flaws.

Thus, I did a search for 'Bernie Ward' on CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox. MSNBC, CBS and CNN had noth­ing on the scan­dal. ABC ran a sin­gle story that pre­sented Ward as a vic­tim who had “run afoul” of the gov­ern­ment laws. Isn't that the same as break­ing the law? ABC seems not to know the dif­fer­ence when it con­cerns lib­er­als. Mean­while, the sup­pos­edly con­ser­va­tive Fox ran a brief re­port of Ward's guilty plea, not sid­ing with ei­ther party. It seems that only Fox and ABC felt this qual­i­fied as news, and ABC did their best to present Ward as a vic­tim, not the crim­i­nal that he has ad­mit­ted he is. So as much as I would like to be­lieve that this will be front-page news in the na­tional me­dia, I won't hold my breath.”

[The fol­low­ing are excerpts from the above-men­tioned ABC ar­ti­cle]:

Jeanette Boudreau, Ward's busi­ness at­tor­ney, told ABC News that Ward — de­scribed on his Web site as “un­abashedly lib­eral” — told her he wanted to show that some Repub­li­cans and mem­bers of the re­li­gious right are pub­lic moral­ists who don't prac­tice what they preach in the pri­vacy of their homes. [. . .]

“He tried to have a di­a­logue with peo­ple and see what he could talk them into say­ing and agree­ing to,” she said. “He lost track of him­self and didn't stop and think about what he was do­ing.”

Ward nev­er­the­less ran afoul of a tough fed­eral law that makes it il­le­gal to pos­sess, re­ceive or dis­trib­ute child pornog­ra­phy with­out an ex­cep­tion for re­porters or aca­demic re­search.

[Af­ter de­vot­ing so much space to his at­tor­ney and then shad­ing the facts of a “tough law” to jibe with her ac­count, the story ends with two para­graphs de­tail­ing Ward’s char­i­ta­ble en­deav­ors, clos­ing with this gushy quote from one char­ity worker]:

“Bernie is deeply com­mit­ted to try­ing to make things hap­pen," [. . . ]. He doesn't just talk a good game, but says I need to put my weight be­hind this in a big way. He is a source of in­spi­ra­tion for the work we're try­ing to do.”

[But check out this re­port from the celebrity po­lice blotter site Smok­ing Gun way back in Fe­bru­ary]:

[P]olice re­ports in­di­cate that Ward, a 56-year-old for­mer Catholic priest, be­gan a graphic on­line cor­re­spon­dence with a San Fran­cisco-area dom­i­na­trix who used the name "Sex­fairy" and called cops when Ward sent her a lewd dig­i­tal im­age fea­tur­ing a top­less wo­man, a nude boy, and a young girl.

Cou­ple that with Ward’s ad­mis­sion in his guilty plea to send­ing be­tween 15 and 150 images of child pornog­ra­phy via email and the “re­search” an­gle loses a lot of its steam. Won­der why ABC couldn’t find the space to de­scribe ex­actly what Ward was do­ing and who he was send­ing his “re­search” pho­tos to?

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