Go­ing down?

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Is the United Stated headed for a de­cline and fall sim­i­lar to the Ro­man Em­pire?

The Ro­mans had cor­rupt and self-serv­ing sen­a­tors. But their de­cline oc­curred over hun­dreds of years. Our Congress, in it’s in­fi­nite wis­dom and poli­cies, has cre­ated ways that are caus­ing a rapid de­cline. To name a few:

Ear­marks, which serve con­gress­men’s pet projects, cost­ing tax­pay­ers bil­lions.

Spouses on Con­gres­sional cam­paign pay­rolls in or­der to legally re­ceive con­tri­bu­tions from lobby groups and com­pa­nies. Any­thing to be re-elected.

Lobby groups that spend mil­lions to in­flu­ence our law­mak­ers.

That in­flu­ence has given us medi­ocre schools with the heavy hand of the teach­ers’ union. Thus we have a sys­tem that re­wards poor teach­ers at the same rate as good ones and makes it nearly im­pos­si­ble to fire poor ones. And we end up with schools that rate near the bot­tom of the free world while spend­ing more money per stu­dent than ever.

We have a sys­tem that has given us friv­o­lous law­suits that cost us dearly in in­sur­ance rates. We have a sys­tem that gives cor­po­rate farm­ers a form of wel­fare cost­ing us bil­lions and re­sults in our hav­ing to im­port wheat in­stead of ex­port­ing it. Congress sided with en­vi­ron­men­tal­ists to halt most en­ergy projects that could have had this coun­try en­ergy in­de­pen­dent years ago. Self-serv­ing and ill-con­sid­ered poli­cies have put this coun­try un­der the in­flu­ence of many coun­tries who hate us and are anx­iously hop­ing for and await­ing our demise.

Congress’s fa­vor­a­bil­ity rat­ings are ex­ceed­ingly low for a good rea­son. The cit­i­zens are fed up. Jerry La­Bossiere Mesquite, Ne­vada

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