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“Pssst. Did you hear? Barack Obama is nor­mal. Why, he’s just like you and me,” New York Daily News colum­nist Michael Good­win writes.

“He loves his glam­orous wife. His kids are peachy-cute adorable. What an all-Amer­i­can fam­ily they are!” Mr. Good­win ex­claimed.

“Sure, he may look and sound dif­fer­ent and has, even Michelle Obama said, ‘a funny name,’ and was born in the ex­otic con­fines of Hawaii. But un­der­neath it all, he’s sooooo nor­mal and sooooo Amer­i­can in his val­ues.

“Get it? You’d have to be dead not to.

“Wel­come to the ‘Re­pair Barack Obama’s Im­age’ con­ven­tion. That so much re­pair work is needed speaks to the cam­paign’s con­cern about the sag­ging poll num­bers and the fear that Obama, for all his soar­ing suc­cess, still has not con­nected with the work­ing-class vot­ers who will de­cide the elec­tion. Im­ages of Jeremiah Wright’s anti-Amer­i­can rants have to be elim­i­nated from the col­lec­tive mem­ory bank if Obama is to win.

“It’s a real prob­lem, and Team Obama is wise to con­front it, even if the pa­rade of or­di­nary peo­ple mak­ing mun­dane points [Aug. 25] was a lit­tle, well, un­der­whelm­ing.

“And even if Obama’s own latenight video ap­pear­ance, drip­ping with bet­ter-kept-in-pri­vate fam­ily talk, was just a tad creepy. There was an el­e­ment of plead­ing for ac­cep­tance that was al­most sad.

“Still, there was no miss­ing the po­lit­i­cal point be­hind the made-forTV show. Not af­ter speaker af­ter speaker filled in mi­nor pieces of the por­trait of a good old-fash­ioned, red-blooded Amer­i­can who shares your val­ues, val­ues, val­ues.”

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