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“Nancy Pelosi re­cently di­luted her op­po­si­tion to off­shore drilling, but we’re beginning to won­der if the House speaker even knows why she op­posed in­creas­ing do­mes­tic en­ergy sup­plies in the first place,” the Wall Street Jour­nal said Aug. 26 in an ed­i­to­rial.

“Ms. Pelosi ap­peared [Aug. 24] on NBC’s ‘Meet the Press,’ where Tom Brokaw gen­tly pointed out that the var­i­ous Demo­cratic al­ter­na­tive en­ergy am­bi­tions are ‘not go­ing to hap­pen overnight.’ Replied Ms. Pelosi: ‘You can have a tran­si­tion with nat­u­ral gas. That, that is cheap, abun­dant and clean com­pared to fos­sil fu­els.’ Later, she again said that ‘I be­lieve in nat­u­ral gas as a clean, cheap al­ter­na­tive to fos­sil fu­els,’ and that wind, so­lar, bio­fu­els and ‘a fo­cus on nat­u­ral gas, th­ese are the real al­ter­na­tives.’

“Ap­par­ently Ms. Pelosi’s new script is still be­ing re­worked, but it’s a telling mis­take. Not only is nat­u­ral gas ev­ery bit as much a ‘fos­sil fuel’ as oil or coal, more to the point, th­ese con­cen­trated or­ganic com­pounds found be­neath the earth’s sur­face must be ex­tracted by ... drilling. And some­times even drilling off­shore, on the Outer Con­ti­nen­tal Shelf. But more drilling is what Ms. Pelosi had re­fused to al­low just a few days ago.

“Nat­u­ral gas was once the toast of the Belt­way, since it burns cleaner than oil and coal, though that was be­fore Democrats be­came hos­tile to any form of car­bon en­ergy. But lately nat­u­ral gas is mak­ing a come­back, thanks in part to the high-pro­file ad­vo­cacy of T. Boone Pick­ens, who has been em­braced by Democrats as the lat­est green cham­pion. As a fol­low-up, we’d like to see some­one ask Ms. Pelosi if she still sup­ports more nat­u­ral gas ex­plo­ration once she learns that it’s made from evil car­bon.”

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