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“Obama and Bi­den will try to frame the pres­i­den­tial race as a nor­mal Demo­cratic-Repub­li­can choice. If they can do that, they should win,” New York Times colum­nist William Kris­tol writes.

“That would be far more dif­fi­cult against a McCain-Lieber­man ticket. The charge that McCain would merely mean a third Bush term would also tend to fall flat. And an un­ortho­dox ‘coun­try first’ Lieber­man se­lec­tion would re­in­force what has been at­trac­tive about McCain, and what has al­lowed him to run ahead of — though not yet enough ahead of — the generic Repub­li­can bal­lot,” Mr. Kris­tol said.

“A Lieber­man pick should help with ticket split­ters. But can such a ticket hold the sup­port of pro-lif­ers, con­ser­va­tives and Repub­li­cans? If you’re con­sci­en­tiously pro-life, you will have reser­va­tions about a proabor­tion-rights V.P. If you’re a proud con­ser­va­tive, Lieber­man hasn’t been one. If you’re a loyal Repub­li­can, you’d much pre­fer some­one from within the ranks.

“But if you’re pro-life, con­ser­va­tive and-or Repub­li­can, you cer­tainly don’t want Barack Obama, Joe Bi­den, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid run­ning the coun­try. If a McCain-Lieber­man ticket is the best way to thwart that prospect, you could prob­a­bly learn to live with it — even per­haps to like it.

“And Hil­lary sup­port­ers could protest Obama’s glass ceil­ing by vot­ing for John McCain and the Demo­cratic Party’s 2000 vice pres­i­den­tial nom­i­nee.”

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