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The play­wright, Ge­orge Bernard Shaw, made the ob­ser­va­tion; “a gov­ern­ment that robs Peter to pay Paul can al­ways de­pend on the sup­port of Paul.”

Thus it is that the most tra­di­tion­ally re­li­able con­stituency of the Demo­cratic party, the shift­less, lazy, and the in­do­lent, will swarm to the polls this Novem­ber in sup­port of Barack Hus­sein Obama.

Ci­ti­zen of the World Obama, the big­gest phe­nom­e­non from the South Side of Chicago since Bad Bad Leroy Brown, in­tends to re­write the tax code and re­dis­tribute the wealth of Amer­ica away from the pro­duc­ers into the cov­etous hands of non-pro­duc­ers.

Man­i­festly, cap­i­tal­ism can­not ex­ist without cap­i­tal, be it from cor­po­ra­tions or in­vestors. The Wall Street Jour­nal has an­a­lyzed Mr. Obama’s scheme and re­ports it will add up to a 39.6 per­cent per­sonal in­come tax rate, a 52.2 per­cent com­bined pay­roll tax and in­come tax, a 28 per­cent cap­i­tal gains tax, a 39.6 per­cent div­i­dends tax and a 55 per­cent es­tate tax.

Mr. Obama’s past as a com­mu­nity ac­tivist, or, rab­ble-rous­ing provo­ca­teur, de­pend­ing upon one’s point of view, is deeply in­grained in his very be­ing. Pan­der­ing to the gullible is Mr. Obama’s stock and trade. In Chicago’s South Side, elec­tions that are not won by the rant­ings of lo­cal preach­ers per­pet­u­at­ing feel­ings of vic­tim­iza­tion and fo­ment­ing class war­fare are won by dol­ing out half-pint bot­tles of Four Roses to those whose votes are avail­able for a more tan­gi­ble al­beit ephemeral re­ward.

As re­cent polls are trend­ing, Amer­ica is not as eas­ily be­sot­ted as those in Mr. Obama’s old neigh­bor­hood.

Kenneth H. Sail­ley

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