Palin sends the Left around the bend

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There’s some­thing about out­spo­ken con­ser­va­tive women that drives the left mad. It’s a pe­cu­liar pathol­ogy I’ve re­ported on for more than 15 years, both as a wit­ness and a tar­get. Thus, the on­set of Palin De­range­ment Syn­drome in the me­dia, Demo­cratic cir­cles and the cesspools of the bl­o­go­sphere came as no sur­prise. They just can’t help them­selves.

Lib­er­als hold a spe­cial an­i­mus for con­stituen­cies they deem traitors. Mi­nori­ties who iden­tify as so­cial and eco­nomic con­ser­va­tives have left the plan­ta­tion and sold out their peo­ple. Women who put an “R” by their name have aban­doned their ovaries and be­trayed their gen­der. As fe­male Repub­li­can of­fice­hold­ers and fe­male con­ser­va­tive pub­lic fig­ures have grown in num­ber and vis­i­bil­ity, so has the pro­gres­sion of Con­ser­va­tive Fe­male Abuse. The as­ton­ish­ing vit­riol and vir­u­lent ha­tred di­rected at Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is the most se­vere man­i­fes­ta­tion to date.

The first stage of Con­ser­va­tive Fe­male Abuse by the left is in­fan­tiliza­tion. Right-wing women can’t pos­si­bly be­lieve what they say they be­lieve about the sanc­tity of life, self-de­fense, free mar­kets or for­eign pol­icy. They must be sub­mis­sive lit­tle dolls of the White Male Hi­er­ar­chy. Or, as a far-left (Is there any other kind of left in San Fran­cisco?) San Fran­cisco Chron­i­cle colum­nist wrote of first lady Laura Bush, they must be put in their place as “docile door­mats” with no brains of their own. True to form, no sooner had John McCain an­nounced Gov. Palin as his veep pick than jeers of “Palin is a neo­con pup­pet” sprouted across the In­ter­net.

The sec­ond stage of CFA is sex­u­al­iza­tion. A con­ser­va­tive woman is not merely a sell­out. She is an in­tel­lec­tual pros­ti­tute. Un­able or un­will­ing to ar­gue with them on the mer­its, de­trac­tors re­sort to mock­ing the phys­i­cal ap­pear­ance of their ide­o­log­i­cal op­po­nents in skirts and den­i­grat­ing them with vul­gar ep­i­thets. MSNBC hosts in­sulted for­mer GOP pres­i­den­tial can­di­date Fred Thomp­son’s ac­com­plished wife and mother of two, Jeri Thomp­son, as work­ing the strip­per pole. News­pa­per car­toon­ists Ted Rall, Pat Oliphant and Jeff Danziger have car­i­ca­tured Sec­re­tary of State Con­doleezza Rice, in­clud­ing as a mammy, thick­lipped par­rot and a Bush “House nigga” armed with “hair straight­ener.” New York Times colum­nist Mau­reen Dowd de­rided for­mer Florida Sec­re­tary of State Katherine Har­ris, a Re- pub­li­can, for ap­ply­ing “her makeup with a trowel.”

True to form, Ms. Dowd was first out of the box to snicker at Mrs. Palin’s beauty pageant past, ridicule her “bee­hive and sexy shoes” and com­pare her path to the vice-pres­i­den­tial nom­i­na­tion as a “hokey chick flick.” Joe Bi­den back­hand­edly praised her as “good looking.” And left-wing blog­gers worked over­time on lurid Pho­to­shops of Mrs. Palin as a bikini model and porn star. At the Demo­cratic Un­der­ground, a highly traf­ficked lib­eral web­site rais­ing money for Barack Obama, mem­bers held a con­test to come up with nick­names and posters to slime Mrs. Palin — and then to “spread [them] all over the ‘Net.” Among the nicer en­tries: “Cruella,” “Gid­get,” “Gov­er­nor Je­sus Camp,” “VPILF,” “Fer­tilla the Huntress,” “Iditabroad” and “KILLER PYSCHO FUNDIE B***H FROM HELL!!”

The third stage of CFA is de­mo­niza­tion. When the left tires of hurl­ing whore in­sults, it turns con­ser­va­tive women in the pub­lic eye into ne­far­i­ous crea­tures. Bill Ma­her called Mrs. Bush “Hitler’s dog.” Ge­orge Car­lin at­tacked Bar­bara Bush as “the Sil­ver douche bag.” A Huff­in­g­ton Post web­site mem­ber wrote of Nancy Rea­gan: “Like her evil hus­band, she has lived far too long. Here’s hop­ing the hag suf­fers for sev­eral weeks, then croaks in the tub.” An­other com­menter added: “I feel no pity for the bitch who took de­light in watch­ing thou­sands die of a hor­ri­ble dis­ease and watch­ing the poor hav­ing to eat out of dump­sters be­cause of her hus­band’s po­lit­i­cal be­liefs.”

True to form, ru­mors of Mrs. Palin be­ing a crypto-Nazi sur­faced on the In­ter­net and in the fringe me­dia. And lib­eral crit­ics used her gun-rights record to smear her as blood­thirsty.

The fi­nal stage of CFA is de­hu­man­iza­tion. Con­ser­va­tive women aren’t real women ac­cord­ing to the lib­eral fem­i­nist es­tab­lish­ment’s def­i­ni­tion. Re­mem­ber when Glo­ria Steinem called Texas Repub­li­can Sen. Kay Bai­ley Hutchi­son a “fe­male im­per­son­ator”? Or when cur­dled NOW leader Pa­tri­cia Ire­land in­structed Democrats to vote only for “au­then­tic” fe­male po­lit­i­cal candidates? Or when Al Gore’s fash­ion con­sul­tant Naomi Wolf de­scribed the for­eign-pol­icy anal­y­sis of Jeane Kirk­patrick as be­ing “un­in­flected by the ex­pe­ri­ences of the fe­male body”?

Echo­ing the bot­tom-feed­ers in the lib­eral bl­o­go­sphere, main­stream jour­nal­ists and Obama wa­ter-car­ri­ers now ques­tion Mrs. Palin’s com­mit­ment to moth­er­hood and even chal­lenge her pre­na­tal care de­ci­sions in an ef­fort to de­stroy her. For­get about ques­tion­ing their pa­tri­o­tism. I ques­tion their san­ity.

Michelle Malkin is a na­tion­ally syndicated colum­nist.

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