Wrong man for the job

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There has been much spec­u­la­tion about what a Barack Obama pres­i­dency might look like. Af­ter care­fully weigh­ing his pub­lic pro­nounce­ments and pol­icy state­ments and as­sess­ing his tem­per­a­ment, I can make some prog­nos­ti­ca­tions.

An Amer­ica gov­erned by Mr. Obama would, in time, have the health care sys­tem of Canada, the tax rates of France, the for­eign pol­icy of Venezuela and the moral and so­cial cli­mate of the Nether­lands. And once that nui­sance of a south­ern bor­der is of­fi­cially dis­re­garded, we’ll have the gross na­tional prod­uct of Mex­ico.

I haven’t had the plea­sure of read­ing Barack’s mem­oir, “The Au­dac­ity of Hype”— oops, “Hope”. But his au­dac­ity de­fines him and is without prece­dent. Here is a man new to the na­tional po­lit­i­cal scene who wants the tro­phy without hav­ing played the game. He wants the victory without hav­ing waged the bat­tle. And he wants the div­i­dends without hav­ing made the in­vest­ment. I don’t care whether the man is black, white, green or yel­low. Have our na­tional — and per­sonal — stan­dards and ex­pec­ta­tions sunk so low?

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