A ‘free­dom’ that chains

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Mod­ern lib­er­al­ism is a crime against hu­man­ity be­cause it al­lows a form of lib­erty that is not lib­erty but slav­ery.

The word lib­eral sounds good, but in to­day’s so­ci­ety it means a deny­ing of past his­tory with its truths, and gives cre­dence to the sci­en­tific method as the only true re­al­ity. Lib­er­al­ism is try­ing to give a new def­i­ni­tion to truth.

This is shown in the lib­eral ap­proach to re­li­gion. Chris­tian­ity and the­o­log­i­cal lib­er­al­ism are two to­tally dis­tinct re­li­gions that could never co­ex­ist in the same church.

Lib­er­al­ism would change the rules for be­long­ing to the church. It says be­liev­ers must ac­cept the sin of sodomy. By pro­claim­ing sin to be righ­teous, lib­er­al­ism de­stroys the re­al­ity and def­i­ni­tion of right­eous­ness.

Right­eous­ness is de­fined by God, who alone is righ­teous, not by man. To pre­sume oth­er­wise is a fa­tal flaw lead­ing to the slav­ery of sin.

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