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Re­mem­ber the Re­form Party?

In­side the Belt­way learned Sept. 10 that Re­form Party Na­tional Chair­man Frank MacKay has met “on sev­eral oc­ca­sions” with Repub­li­can pres­i­den­tial nom­i­nee Sen. John McCain and in the com­ing weeks will en­dorse ei­ther his can­di­dacy or else that of Demo­cratic Sen. Barack Obama.

Mr. MacKay has yet to meet with the lat­ter; how­ever, he stressed that his party is care­fully eval­u­at­ing both candidates. He be­lieves his party’s ul­ti­mate en­dorse­ment has the po­ten­tial of driv­ing “mil­lions” of in­de­pen­dent vot­ers to­wards one of the two candidates.

“Since 1996, the Re­form Party has stood for eco­nomic re­spon­si­bil­ity, po­lit­i­cal re­form and in­de­pen­dence from the spe­cial-in­ter­est groups,” he told us. “We are at a crit­i­cal time in our countr y, where Amer ica needs a leader who will bring gen­uine change to Wash­ing­ton.

“Over the next three weeks, we will eval­u­ate each can­di­date to de­cide who can stop out-of­con­trol spending, de­crease our deficit, keep Amer­i­can jobs from be­ing sent over­seas, and cre­ate true en­ergy in­de­pen­dence.”

Mr. MacKay says the 8 mil­lion votes cast for Ross Perot in 1996 as the Re­form Party can­di­date is a mere start­ing point. He counts more than 40 mil­lion in­de­pend- ent vot­ers “tired of par­ti­san pol­i­tics and ea­ger for change in an elec­tion that is very close.”

“Ron Paul’s mes­sage of change and the Re­form Party’s de­sire to find a can­di­date that truly stands for re­form will no doubt af­fect this elec­tion by reach­ing out to the mil­lions of in­de­pen­dent and swing vot­ers,” he said.

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