Hol­ly­wood stars strut and pose, un­til the money calls

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Matt Da­mon’s re­cent ver­bal as­sault on Sarah Palin left many of his for­mer fans won­der­ing what he and his movie star chums re­ally be­lieve in.

In one breath, Hol­ly­wood’s elite de­cry vi­o­lence, echo anti-gun rhetoric, and threaten to leave their home­land if left-wing pals lose elec­tions. In the next, they hawk new re­leases . . . with plots in­volv­ing guns, vi­o­lence, mur­der and may­hem. (To para­phrase Mr. Rogers, “Can you say ‘hyp­ocrite’?”)

Other ex­am­ples of Hol­ly­wood Hypocrisy:

earned mil-

Alan Alda

M.A.S.H; Ben Af­fleck

Pearl Har­bor; Reba McIn­tyre

lions on

charts in

topped the

of­fered re­duced ticket prices in ex­change for hand­guns . . . then starred on Broad­way in

An­nie Get Your Gun. Ju­lia Roberts

set aside her anti-guns-and-vi­o­lence “be­liefs” for AND

Pel­i­can Brief Michael Collins; Tim Rob­bins, War of the Worlds . . .

Su­san Saran­don, Thelma and Louise . . .

Alec Bald­win, Path to War . . .

The list goes on and on, but you get the drift.

I’m not the only movie­goer who wants to know: Do you Tin­sel­town types ac­tu­ally be­lieve what you say in sup­port of lib­eral politi­cian pals? If so, how can you, in good con­science, ac­cept mil­lions to star in films that high­light the very is­sues you claim are evil. Your par­tic­i­pa­tion in such pro­duc­tions is full­color proof that your con­vic­tions are as trans­par­ent as your so-called prin­ci­ples.

So ’fess up, why don’t you, and ad­mit that you’re will­ing to set aside your ideals if the the pay­off in­creases your in­come or en­hances your star­dom. At least then, when once-loyal fans dis­agree with your pol­i­tics, we will re­spect that you know the mean­ing of the word ‘honor.’

Will I con­tinue watch­ing your movies, even as you talk out of both sides of your mouths? Sure, once they’re free on TV, to en­sure none of my hard­earned money will fund your bla­tant hypocrisy.

Lorette Carter

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