Fall­ing into a trap

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“The bril­liance of the McCain strat­egy and mes­sag­ing is that it in­cludes a trap for Obama,” Demo­cratic po­lit­i­cal con­sul­tant Joe Trippi writes at JoeTrippi.com.

“To push back on the McCain claim of ‘coun­try first’ and ‘the orig­i­nal mav­er­icks who will shake up Wash­ing­ton’ the Obama cam­paign’s at­tack of ‘four more years of Ge­orge Bush’ be­comes a prob­lem. In a coun­try that yearns for post-par­ti­san change, the Obama cam­paign risks sound­ing too par­ti­san and like more of the same,” Mr. Trippi said.

“It would not sur­prise me if in one of the de­bates, Obama or Bi­den uses the ‘You voted with Ge­orge Bush and sup­ported him 93 per­cent of the time’ and it’s John McCain that re­torts ‘that’s the kind of par­ti­san at­tack the Amer­i­can peo­ple are sick of.’

“What worked for Obama is now work­ing for McCain. The im­por­tant les­son for the Obama cam­paign is that the Clin­ton cam­paign kept looking at its re­search, kept stress­ing ex­pe­ri­ence and did not ad­just un­til it was too late. The McCain cam­paign has not only ad­justed to the Obama mes­sage, they have changed the ter­rain.

“Now the Obama cam­paign and its al­lies need to un­der­stand that in ar­gu­ing that John McCain rep­re­sents a third term of Ge­orge Bush and the GOP agenda, it is the Obama cam­paign that risks sound­ing par­ti­san in a coun­try that yearns for the post-par­ti­san­ship of ‘coun­try first’ and ‘shak­ing things up in Wash­ing­ton.’ ”

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