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“Time, like the New York Times, is pretty much an ex­ten­sion of the Obama cam­paign, so it must have caused great gnash­ing of teeth around the mag­a­zine to read Jay New­ton-Small’s piece rec­og­niz­ing that Obama is rolling up the car­pet in state af­ter state he has spent mil­lions on,” Hugh He­witt writes in a blog at

“It is al­ready clear that 10 states hold the keys to the White House, and that McCain and Palin are do­ing very well in two of them, Florida and Ohio, while Obama strug­gles to hold on to blue states Penn­syl­va­nia, Michi­gan, Min­nesota and Wis­con­sin and McCain tries to keep Colorado, Iowa, Ne­vada and New Mex­ico red. Dems are shak­ing their heads that af­ter all this hype and fundrais­ing and with a fresh round of eco­nomic woes, Obama hasn’t pulled away. Chris Cil­lizza has the lat­est round of state polls, and in only one of them — Wis­con­sin — is Obama cur­rently out­side the mar­gin of er­ror,” Mr. He­witt said.

“Dems see a sit­u­a­tion where the rookie Obama can stum­ble and hem­or­rhage sup­port in a sin­gle news cy­cle while the vet­eran McCain just keeps it close or stays a point or two ahead in key states and wins at the close. It isn’t what they ex­pected. It wasn’t what they were promised. It is why they are so much more ner­vous than the GOP.”

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