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With Ge­orge Bush off the front pages for much of the last few months, the po­lit­i­cal pathol­ogy known as Bush De­range­ment Syn­drome (BDS) took an un­ex­pected sum­mer hia­tus.

BDS suf­fer­ers — lib­eral Democrats seething over suc­ces­sive pres­i­den­tial elec­tion losses and ham­strung by a Repub­li­can pres­i­dent con­fi­dently wield­ing war­time au­thor­ity — failed to trans­fer their en­mity to Sen. John McCain, largely be­cause they couldn’t bust his “mav­er­ick” brand, but to a larger ex­tent be­cause they as­sumed Sen. Barack Obama was go­ing to win in a laugher.

That pre­sump­tion ended when Mr. McCain chose Sarah Palin as his run­ning mate. Be­fore Char­lie Gib­son could even grill the Alaska gov­er­nor over her “hubris” in ac­cept­ing Mr. McCain’s his­toric in­vi­ta­tion, the raw rage that fo­cused for eight years on the 43rd pres­i­dent of the United States trans­ferred in a flash to a for­mer “Miss Con­ge­nial­ity” and An­chor­age sub­ur­ban mother of five who im­me­di­ately swung the mo­men­tum to Mr. McCain’s side.

Palin De­range­ment Syn­drome, a more ir­ra­tional vari­ant of the Bush con­ta­gion, doesn’t re­quire suf­fer­ers to know any­thing about the sub­ject of their ha­tred. Anony­mous, un­sourced ru­mors fuel the fire (book ban­ning, speak­ing in tongues, cre­ation­ism, etc.). Lovely fam­ily pho­tos hacked from a per­sonal e-mail ac­count dis­played on com­mer­cial Web sites push more but­tons. As­ter­isks from Mrs. Palin’s bi­o­graph­i­cal sketch — “moose hunter,” “small-town mayor,” “wife of cham­pion snow ma­chine racer” — cause ex­ces­sive sweat­ing and ir­reg­u­lar heart­beats. She even fired a guy who Tased a 10-year-old. (Oh wait, she didn’t.)

What will hap­pen when they find out she shops at Wal-Mart?

Pre­dictably, the celebrity left — ridicu­lous enough to form a strong opin­ion based on un­re­li­able data points and nar­cis­sis­tic enough to broad­cast it — has taken to stage, tele­vi­sion, newsprint and blogs to ex­press its ex­treme ire at the Thrilla from Wasilla.

San­dra Bern­hard cel­e­brated the 20th an­niver­sary of her ca­reer-end­ing one-woman show, “Without You I’m Noth­ing,” warn­ing that if Mrs. Palin were to go to Man­hat­tan she’d be “gang-raped by [her] big black broth­ers.” The lip­stick-on-a-pig les­bian also called Mrs. Palin a “bitch” and an “Un­cle Woman.”

Joy­less niche co­me­dian Mar­garet Cho blogged, “She is evil,” fan­ta­sized about hav­ing hate­ful sex with Mrs. Palin and at­tacked a mul­ti­tude of her sup­port­ers: “If you were truly Chris- tians, you would let gays get mar­ried, and send them #$%ng presents from Bed Bath and Be­yond!”

Ev­ery­thing-aholic Lind­say Lo­han (“Mean Girls”) joined the Sap­phic pile-on by is­su­ing a joint di­a­tribe with her pu­ta­tive part­ner, disc jockey Sa­man­tha Ron­son: “Is our coun­try so di­vided that the Repub­li­cans’ best hope is a nar­row-minded, me­dia-ob­sessed ho­mo­phobe?”

“Me­dia ob­sessed?” Those cam­eras fol­low Mrs. Palin be­cause she’s run­ning for vice pres­i­dent. Not be­cause she’s go­ing to the Cof­fee Bean & Tea Leaf — like some peo­ple we know.

Not since Rosie O’Don­nell & Co. man­han­dled El­iz­a­beth Has­sel­beck week­days on “The View” have lib­er­als been so glee­ful to watch a bit­ter les­bian tear down a con­fi­dent and beau­ti­ful con­ser­va­tive Repub­li­can woman. Un­re­solved high school lust and angst at well-ad­justed cheer­lead­ers and pop­u­lar prom queens should be left for med­i­cal pro­fes­sion­als, not for mid­morn­ing tele­vi­sion gabfests.

For many, gay mar­riage is a key is­sue.

Yet none of th­ese gilded-ghetto liv­ing haters point out that their sav­ior, Mr. Obama, stands against gay mar­riage, too. Is that change Melissa Etheridge can be­lieve in?

Like Pres­i­dent Clin­ton, who sup­ported re­gres­sive anti-gayrights leg­is­la­tion such as “don’t ask, don’t tell” and the De­fense of Mar­riage Act, Mr. Obama gets a mas­sive pass from the ac­tivist gay left and their stenog­ra­phers in the main­stream me­dia.

The never-re­ported po­lit­i­cal re­al­ity is that both Mr. Clin­ton and Mr. Obama un­der­stand that key com­po­nents of the Demo­cratic Party — the black and His­panic blocs — hold views that Brad Pitt would deem “ho­mo­pho­bic.”

For th­ese mi­nor­ity groups, and for many other re­li­gious Democrats, gay mar­riage is a non­starter.

Yet lib­eral celebri­ties and ac­tivist jour­nal­ists never hurl ep­i­thets at th­ese cod­dled groups no mat­ter how ret­ro­grade their ideas. Pres­i­dent Bush cor­rectly pegged this phe­nom­e­non as “the soft big­otry of low­ered ex­pec­ta­tions.” Po­lit­i­cal cor­rect­ness, the rig­ging of pol­i­tics us­ing dif­fer­ent rules for dif­fer­ent groups, and but­tressed by the me­dia, en­sures that Democrats al­ways have the up­per hand.

Clumsy on her les­bian train­ing wheels, Miss Lo­han and Miss Cho, Miss Bern­hard and Miss O’Don­nell, are granted im­mu­nity for their ou­tra­geous rhetoric be­cause they are party girls — Democrats through and through — and crea­tures of the me­dia. And be­cause of this pro­tec­tion racket, none will be forced to at­tend sen­si­tiv­ity train­ing for cross­ing the line against Mrs. Palin.

It’s also why few will know that the Alaska gov­er­nor ve­toed legis- la­tion that would have pre­vented gays from get­ting mar­riage­like ben­e­fits. It’s also why the me­dia made Repub­li­cans Mark Fo­ley and Larry Craig the butts of jokes that would be con­sid­ered ho­mo­pho­bic if hurled at lib­eral Democrats.

Not since the drub­bing of Clarence Thomas dur­ing his 1991 Supreme Court con­fir­ma­tion hear­ings have lib­er­als in Hol­ly­wood and the elite me­dia so openly con­spired to deny a mi­nor­ity the right to free thought and free ex­pres­sion of po­lit­i­cal ideals. Now Sarah Palin is ex­pos­ing the Demo­cratic Me­dia Com­plex to a new gen­er­a­tion, many of them open-minded women.

Per­haps if he wins in Novem­ber, the em­i­nently tol­er­ant John McCain will pick an openly gay per­son to serve high in his ad­min­is­tra­tion.

That’s when the real Demo­cratic Party de­range­ment will be­gin.

An­drew Bre­it­bart is the founder of the news Web site bre­it­bart.com and is co-au­thor of “Hol­ly­wood In­ter­rupted: In­san­ity Chic in Baby­lon — the Case Against Celebrity.”

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