‘Any­thing goes’ for Obama sup­port­ers

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Warn­ing: If your neigh­bor’s got an “Obama ‘08” bumper sticker or lawn sign, you might want to dou­ble-check your door locks at night. The One has com­manded his Pur­vey­ors of Change to go forth and pros­e­ly­tize to the unbelievers. And they’re not go­ing to be knock­ing gen­tly like Avon Ladies.

Barack Obama, you see, is done fix­ing souls. It’s time to crack heads. Prod­ded by pan­icked Democrats to take off his white gloves, he is­sued a Call to Strong Arm to his le­gions of an­gry fol­low­ers on Sept. 17. Hope is out. Hell­fire is in. Now, the same an­a­lysts who tut-tut­ted Sarah Palin’s mild use of sar­casm at the GOP con­ven­tion are herald­ing — in the words of the Obama wa­ter-car­ri­ers at the As­so­ci­ated Press — Mr. Obama’s “feistier, more sar­cas­tic tone” and his push for Demo­crat ac­tivists “to sharpen their el­bows, too.”

When Repub­li­cans get ag­gres­sive, it’s “dirty.” When Mr. Obama gets ag­gres­sive, it’s “feisty.” Ex­orteth the One: “I need you to go out and talk to your friends and talk to your neigh­bors. I want you to talk to them whether they are in­de­pen­dent or whether they are Repub­li­can. I want you to ar­gue with them and get in their face.”

Team Obama is so com­mit­ted to this “face-to-face” shock troop cam­paign that it is now bus­ing ac­tivists from state to state (“Drive for Change!”) to tar­get un­de­cided vot­ers — and of­fer­ing sub­si­dies to vol­un­teers. In ad­vance of Mr. Obama’s rally in Ne­vada, Cal­i­for­nia field di­rec­tor Mary Jane Steven­son organized a pil­grim­age to boost the crowd num­bers with hous­ing in­cen­tives:

“Face-to­face con­tact with un­de­cided vot­ers is the sin­gle most ef­fec­tive way to grow this move­ment. No ex­pe­ri­ence is re­quired, and we’ll help you make the trip as eas­ily as pos­si­ble with ei­ther hous­ing in Ne­vada or dis­counted group rates at an area ho­tel.”

Yep, a bunch of an­gry Obama cultists and left-wing ACORN drifters are com­ing to your neigh­bor­hoods to ac­cuse you of racism, call you un­pa­tri­otic for not bow­ing down and fork­ing over more taxes to keep the Mother Ship afloat, and check your tire pres­sure and ther­mostats while they’re at it. Feel the power of pos­i­tive change.

The in-your-face di­rec­tive comes as Team Obama Chicagofies its tac­tics by:

Step­ping up sleazy ads. Tthe lat­est one twisted the words of ra­dio talk gi­ant Rush Lim­baugh in a laugh­able at­tempt to paint John McCain as an im­mi­gra­tion hard­liner and stir fear among His­panic vot­ers;

Dou­bling down on the race card. Kansas Gov. Kath­leen Se­be­lius shame­lessly baited sup­port­ers with this line: “Have any of you no­ticed that Barack Obama is part African-Amer­i­can? (Repub­li­cans) are not go­ing to go lightly into the dark­ness;”

And sup­press­ing dis­sent. Re­buffed by the Jus­tice Depart­ment in their ef­forts to pros­e­cute con­ser­va­tives for run­ning ads crit­i­cal of Mr. Obama’s ties to Weather Un­der­ground ter­ror­ist Bill Ay­ers, the cam­paign is us­ing an army of sup­port­ers to mob ra­dio and tele­vi­sion sta­tions dar­ing to air in­ves­ti­ga­tions of the re­la­tion­ship. The foot sol­diers re­ceive their march­ing or­ders through “Obama Action Wires” and bom­bard crit­ics with dis­rup­tive phone calls.

Mean­while, the Left’s Sarah Palin ha­tred has been en­cour­aged by the in-your-face com­ments of Michelle Obama, who de­rided the Alaska gov­er­nor’s in­tel­lect (“What you learn about Barack from his choice is that he’s not afraid of smart peo­ple”) and looks (don’t cast a vote be­cause “she’s cute”) on the cam­paign trail. And Team Obama’s goons on the In­ter­net — led by Gawker Me­dia and the Huff­in­g­ton Post — are revel­ing in the hack­ing of Mrs. Palin’s pri­vate e-mail ac­count, the pub­li­ca­tion of pri­vate, fam­ily pho­tos of her chil- dren stolen from her ac­count, and the abuse of daugh­ter Bris­tol’s cell phone num­ber stolen from the ac­count. For count­less friends of Mr. Obama, “in your face” is code for “any­thing goes.”

In words and ac­tions that would have made his men­tor Saul Alin­sky proud, Barack Obama is rub­bing raw the sores of dis­con­tent — and sum­mon­ing his un­hinged flock to do the same. All hail the com­mu­nity-ag­i­ta­tor-in-chief. And re­mem­ber: Lock your doors.

Michelle Malkin is a na­tion­ally syndicated colum­nist.

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