Left proph­e­sies Apoca­lypse if Obama loses

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If Barack Obama loses the 2008 elec­tion, lib­eral hell will break loose. Seven weeks be­fore the 2008 pres­i­den­tial elec­tion, lib­er­als are warn­ing Amer­ica that if Barack Obama loses, it is be­cause Amer­i­cans are racist. Of course, that this means that Democrats (and in­de­pen­dents) are racist, since Repub­li­cans will vote Repub­li­can re­gard­less of the race of the Demo­crat, is an irony ap­par­ently lost on the Democrats mak­ing th­ese charges.

That an Obama loss will be due to racism is be­com­ing as nor­ma­tive a lib­eral be­lief as “Bush Lied, Peo­ple Died,” a be­lief has gen­er­ated in­tense rage among many lib­er­als. But “Obama lost be­cause of white racism” will be even more en­rag­ing. Rage over the Iraq War has largely fo­cused on Pres­i­dent Bush and Vice Pres­i­dent Dick Cheney. But if Mr. Obama loses, lib­eral rage will fo­cus on mil­lions of fel­low Amer­i­cans and on Amer­i­can so­ci­ety.

And it could be­come a rage the likes of which Amer­ica has not seen in a long time, if ever. It will first and fore­most come from within black Amer­ica. The deep emo­tional con­nec­tion that nearly ev­ery black Amer­i­can has to an Obama victory is dif­fi­cult for even em­pa­thetic non-blacks to mea­sure. A ma­jor evan­gel­i­cal pas­tor told me that even evan­gel­i­cal black pas­tors who share ev­ery con­ser­va­tive value with white evan­gel­i­cal pas­tors, in­clud­ing pro-life views on abor­tion, will vote for Mr. Obama. They feel their very dig­nity is on the line.

That is why the grow­ing cho­rus — al­ready near­ing una­nim­ity — of lib­eral com­men­ta­tors and politi­cians as­crib­ing an Obama loss to Amer­i­can racism is so danger­ous.

An­drew Sul­li­van of The At­lantic: “White racism means that Mr. Obama needs more than a small but clear lead to win.”

Jack Caf­ferty of CNN: “The polls re­main close. Doesn’t make sense [. . .] un­less it’s race.”

Ja­cob Weis­berg of Newsweek and Slate: “The rea­son Obama isn’t ahead right now is [. . .] the color of his skin. [. . .] If Obama loses, our chil­dren will grow up think­ing of equal op­por­tu­nity as a myth.”

Ni­cholas D. Kristof of New York Times: “Re­li­gious prej­u­dice (against Mr. Obama) is be­com­ing a proxy for racial prej­u­dice.”

Ger­ald W. McEn­tee, pres­i­dent of the Amer­i­can Fed­er­a­tion of State, County and Mu­nic­i­pal Em­ploy­ees, in a speech to union work­ers: “Are you go­ing to give up your house and your job and your chil­dren’s fu­tures be­cause he’s black?”

Sim­i­lar com­ments have been made by Kansas’s Gov. Kath­leen Se­be­lius, a Demo­crat, and by writ­ers in Time mag­a­zine. And ac­cord­ing to The As­so­ci­ated Press: “A poll con­ducted by The As­so­ci­ated Press and Ya­hoo News, in con­junc­tion with Stan­ford Uni­ver­sity, re­vealed that a fairly sig­nif­i­cant per­cent­age of Democrats and in­de­pen­dents may not vote for Sen. Barack Obama be­cause of his race.” If you read the poll, it does not in fact sug­gest this con­clu­sion. The poll­sters as­sert that any per­son with any neg­a­tive view of black life means that the per­son is racist and means that he would not vote for Mr. Obama. Both con­clu­sions are un­war­ranted. But “Obama will lose be­cause of racism” is how the poll tak­ers and the me­dia spin it.

Why do lib­er­als be­lieve that if Mr. Obama loses it will be due to white racism?

One rea­son is the lib­eral elite’s con­tempt for white Amer­i­cans with less ed­u­ca­tion — even if they are Democrats.

A sec­ond rea­son is that it is in­con­ceiv­able to most lib­er­als that an Obama loss — es­pe­cially a nar­row one — will be due to Mr. Obama’s lib­eral views or in­ex­pe­ri­ence or to ad­mi­ra­tion for John McCain.

The third rea­son is that the fur­ther left you go, the more in­su­lar you get. Amer­i­cans on the left tend to talk only to one an­other; study only un­der left-wing teach­ers; and read only fel­low left­ists. That is why it is a shock to so many lib­er­als when a Repub­li­can wins a na­tional elec­tion — where do all th­ese Repub­li­can vot­ers come from? And that in turn ex­plains why lib­er­als as­cribe Repub­li­can pres­i­den­tial vic­to­ries to un­fair elec­tion tac­tics (“Swift-boat­ing” is the lib­er­als’ rea­son for the 2004 Repub­li­can victory). In any fair elec­tion, Amer­i­cans will see the left’s light.

If Mr. Obama loses, it will not be deemed plau­si­ble that Amer­i­cans have again re­jected a lib­eral can­di­date, in­deed the one with the most lib­eral vot­ing record in the U.S. Se­nate. Lib­er­als will ex­plain an Obama de­feat as an­other ne­far­i­ous Repub­li­can victory. Com­bin­ing con­tempt for many ru­ral and mid­dle-class white Amer­i­cans with a long­stand­ing be­lief in the in­evitabil­ity of a Demo­cratic victory in 2008 (af­ter all, every­one they talk to de­spises the Repub­li­cans and be­lieves Repub­li­cans have led the coun­try to ruin), there will be only one rea­son Mr. Obama did not win — white racism.

One ex­ec­u­tive at a black ra­dio sta­tion told me when I in­ter­viewed him on my ra­dio show at the Demo­cratic Na­tional Con­ven­tion that he could eas­ily see ri­ots if Mr. Obama loses a closely con­tested elec­tion. In­ter­est­ingly, he said he thought blacks would be far more ac­cept­ing of a big McCain victory.

I pray he is wrong on the first point. But it does seem that lib­er­als are con­tin­u­ing to do what­ever they can to in­crease anger at Amer­ica, or at least at “white Amer­ica.” For 40 years, lib­er­als have de­scribed the most open and tol­er­ant so­ci­ety on earth as racist and xeno­pho­bic. If Barack Obama loses, the re­sults of this lib­eral de­pic­tion of Amer­ica may be­come fright­en­ingly ap­par­ent.

Den­nis Prager is a na­tion­ally syndicated colum­nist.

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