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born writes: “In your Dec. 31, 2008, col­umn you pub­lished my rec­om­men­da­tion that Barack Obama take a col­lege-level eco­nomics course. Af­ter read­ing parts of his re­cent bud­get pro­posal, I would like to re­duce my rec­om­men­da­tion to a ba­sic course in arith­metic.” “McDon­ald’s and Star­bucks are the yin and yang of fran­chise food and drink,” ac­cord­ing to Paul Tay­lor of the Pew Re­search Cen­ter. Its new study finds that Amer­i­cans fre­quent­ing the lat­ter trendy cof­fee fran­chise are most likely lean­ing left.

“Ever heard the phrase ‘lat­tedrink­ing lib­eral’? Ev­i­dently, there’s some­thing to it,” says Mr. Tay­lor. “Among self-de­scribed lib­er­als, Star­bucks car­ries the day, 46 per­cent to 33 per­cent. Among con­ser­va­tives, McDon­ald’s pre­vails, 50 per­cent to 28 per­cent.” the great en­ter­tain­ers like Rush Lim­baugh.”

Dur­ing his speech in Wash­ing­ton, the Ne­braska Repub­li­can said: “You know, I wish Rush Lim­baugh and oth­ers like that would run for of­fice,” sar­cas­ti­cally opin­ing that such pun­dits “have so much to con­trib­ute and so much lead­er­ship and they have an an­swer for ev­ery­thing.”

But in re­al­ity, the se­na­tor con­tin­ued, Mr. Lim­baugh and other con­ser­va­tive mouth­pieces like him “try to rip every­one down and make fools of ev­ery­body, but they don’t have any an­swers.”

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