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pres­sion of sol­i­dar­ity with the peo­ple of Iran — though you’ll find plenty of so­lic­i­tude for their rulers. The pres­i­dent bends over back­wards to re­as­sure the mul­lahs that our gov­ern­ment wishes them well,” Mr. Kris­tol said.

“You’ll find a para­graph ad­dressed to ‘the peo­ple and leaders of Iran,’ as if the peo­ple and leaders were in har­mony, and shared a need to be re­as­sured that we seek ‘a fu­ture with … greater op­por­tu­ni­ties for part­ner­ship and com­merce.’

“You’ll find two para­graphs de­voted to speak­ing di­rectly to Iran’s leaders. Obama re­as­sures them of his com­mit­ment to diplo­macy, and to an en­gage­ment grounded in ‘mu­tual re­spect.’ Of course ex­pres­sions of re­spect for the peo­ple of Iran are noth­ing new — Pres­i­dent Bush re­it­er­ated our re­spect for the peo­ple of Iran many times, in­clud­ing a year ago on the oc­ca­sion of Nowruz, as they call their New Year. No, what’s dis­tinc­tive about Obama’s state­ment is his re­spect for the ‘leaders,’ the cler­i­cal dic­ta­tor­ship.

“In­deed, ‘the United States wants the Is­lamic Repub­lic of Iran to take its right­ful place in the com­mu­nity of na­tions.’ Note: ‘the Is­lamic Repub­lic of Iran.’ Does Obama rou­tinely re­fer to Pak­istan as the Is­lamic Repub­lic of Pak­istan, its for­mal name? Of course not. But Obama goes out of his way to men­tion (twice) ‘the Is­lamic Repub­lic of Iran.’ He’s kow­tow­ing to a regime that is any­thing but repub­li­can, im­plic­itly for­swear­ing any plan — any hope — of regime change to free the Ira­nian peo­ple.” can, but is Pres­i­dent Barack Obama.”

Mr. Im­pomeni added: “How­ever shrewd and rev­o­lu­tion­ary it may be from an or­ga­niz­ing stand­point, the gov­ern­ment is not, and ought not be a com­mu­nity or­ga­niz­ing group. It’s creepy. Cam­paign­ing is what Obama does best, how­ever. We are likely to see many more pledge drives like this one, and equally likely to hear ab­so­lutely noth­ing about it from the me­dia and the left.” “One of the many bum­mers of our on­go­ing mis­eries at the mo­ment is that they have de­prived Obama devo­tees of their ex­pected post-elec­toral nir­vana,”

writes in a blog at www.thedai­ly­

“Stem-cell re­search is re­stored, tor­ture is stopped, diplo­macy is back, high-speed rail is on the way! But where are the bal­loons and high fives and Yes We Did par­ties? Buried un­der an avalanche of toxic as­sets,” the writer said.

“Obama is the only per­son walk­ing around with a big smile on his face. That on­set of wild laugh­ter on ‘60 Min­utes’ about how hu­mor­ous it is that no one in Amer­ica, I mean no one, wants a bailout for the auto com­pa­nies was one of the more sur­real pres­i­den­tial per­for­mances lately.

“Why has Obama sud­denly turned into the of teach­able mo­ments? We re­al­ize he’s just try­ing to shore up his poll rat­ings so he can dis­tance him­self from Pelosi’s pitch­fork mob, but a ‘60 Min­utes’ sit­down right af­ter the Leno arm­chair ses­sion on the pre­ced­ing Thurs­day seemed — for him — strangely tone-deaf to the risk of over­ex­po­sure. (Thank God he skipped the Grid­iron Din­ner.)”

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