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Pres­i­dent Obama stated that those earn­ing un­der $250,000 would not pay a dime more in taxes. The fact is, he plans to in­crease taxes on in­di­vid­u­als by tax­ing com­pa­nies. While in­di­vid­u­als wouldn’t see an in­crease in their in­come taxes, they’ll see an in­crease in the prices they pay for goods and ser­vices due to the ad­di­tional taxes levied on the com­pa­nies that pro­vide them.

This is a diabolical plan that al­lows him to raise taxes without seem­ing to do so and use class war­fare to blame “greedy” com­pa­nies for gouging Amer­i­cans.

The “global warm­ing” Cap and Trade Bill is just the tip of the ice­berg. The Amer­i­can Con­ser­va­tive Union re­cently re­ported the tax on en­ergy com­pa­nies this bill pro­poses would in­crease the av­er­age Amer­i­can fam­ily’s elec­tric bill by up to $3,000 per year.

De­spite his high­minded cam­paign prom­ises, Pres­i­dent Obama has no in­ten­tion of be­ing trans­par­ent. Be­cause if the de­tails are known, it wouldn’t be sup­ported. How many peo­ple do you know who want to pay more for their elec­tric bill?

Look for this de­ceit­ful be­hav­ior in other ar­eas. We have al­ready seen him sneak bil­lions of dol­lars into the bud­get bill for a gov­ern­ment health care pro­gram for which there are few de­tails. This is the same bill that had to be passed “overnight” and never posted on­line for 48 hours as Can­di­date Obama promised.

In 2010 you can stop the spending and so­cial­ism by throw­ing out the pres­i­dent’s Demo­cratic sup­port­ers in Congress. Con­rad Quagliaroli Wood­stock, Ge­or­gia

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