Cli­mate of hate, world of dou­ble stan­dards

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When a right-wing Chris­tian vig­i­lante kills, mil­lions of fin­gers pull the trig­ger. When a left-wing Mus­lim vig­i­lante kills, he kills alone. Th­ese are the in­stantly os­si­fy­ing nar­ra­tives in the May 31 shoot­ing death of late-term abor­tion provider Ge­orge Tiller of Kansas ver­sus the June 1 shoot­ings of two Arkansas mil­i­tary re­cruiters.

Dr. Tiller’s sus­pected mur­derer, Scott Roeder, is white, Chris­tian, anti-gov­ern­ment and anti-abor­tion. The gun­man in the mil­i­tary re­cruit­ment cen­ter at­tack, Ab­dul­hakim Mujahid Muham­mad, is black, a Mus­lim con­vert, anti-mil­i­tary and an­tiAmer­i­can.

Both crimes are de­spi­ca­ble, cow­ardly acts of do­mes­tic ter­ror­ism. But the dis­parate treat­ment of the two bru­tal cases by both the White House and the me­dia is strik­ing.

Pres­i­dent Obama is­sued a state­ment con­demn­ing “heinous acts of vi­o­lence” within hours of Dr. Tiller’s death. The Jus­tice Depart­ment is­sued its own state­ment and sent fed­eral mar­shals to pro­tect abor­tion clin­ics. News an­chors and head­line writ­ers aban­doned all qualms about la­bel­ing the gun­man a ter­ror­ist. An al­most glee­ful ex­cess of main­stream com­men­tary poured forth on the cli­mate of hate and fear cre­ated by con­ser­va­tive talk ra­dio, blogs and Fox News in re­port­ing Dr. Tiller’s ac­tiv­i­ties.

By con­trast, Mr. Obama was si­lent about the mil­i­tary re­cruiter at­tacks that left 24-year-old Pvt. William Long dead and 18-year-old Pvt. Quin­ton Ezeag­wula gravely wounded. On June 2 — more than 24 hours af­ter the at­tack on the mil­i­tary re­cruit­ment cen­ter in Lit­tle Rock, Ark. — Mr. Obama held a press con­fer­ence to an­nounce his pick for Army sec­re­tary. It would have been ex­actly the right mo­ment to ex­press con­do­lences for the fam­i­lies of the tar­geted Army re­cruiters and to con­demn heinous acts of vi­o­lence against our troops.

But Mr. Obama said noth­ing. The Jus­tice Depart­ment was mum. And so were the le­gions of fin­ger-point­ing pun­dits hap­pily con­vict­ing the pro-life move­ment and ev­ery right-lean­ing writer on the planet of con­tribut­ing to the mur­der of Dr. Tiller. Mr. Obama’s omis­sion, it should be noted, comes just a few weeks af­ter he failed to men­tion the Bronx ji­hadi plot to bomb syn­a­gogues and a Na­tional Guard air­base dur­ing his speech on home­land se­cu­rity.

Why the si­lence? Po­lit­i­cally and re­li­giously mo­ti­vated vi­o­lence, it seems, is only worth lament­ing when it de­mo­nizes op­po­nents. Which also helps ex­plain why the phrase “lone shooter” is ubiq­ui­tous in me­dia cov­er­age of ji­hadi shoot­ers gone wild — think con­victed “Jeep Ji­hadist” Mo­hammed Ta­heri-Azar at the Uni­ver­sity of North Carolina-Chapel Hill or Is­rael-bash­ing gun­man Naveed Haq, who tar­geted a Seat­tle Jewish char­ity tell peo­ple what is ac­tu­ally hap­pen­ing in the world? We saw this a cou­ple of weeks ago, when the press only gin­gerly ac­knowl­edged that the malev­o­lent though in­com­pe­tent sus­pects in the syn­a­gogue bomb­ing-con­spir­acy case in New York were con­verts to Is­lam. How is the pub­lic served by this kind of si­lence? The ex­trem­ist Chris­tian be­liefs of Ge­orge Tiller’s al­leged mur­derer are cer­tainly rel­e­vant to that case, and no one in my pro- killer Hasan Ak­bar and ter­ror plot­ters Ali Mo­hamed, Jef­frey Bat­tle and Semi Os­man.

You won’t hear about the es­ca­lat­ing war on mil­i­tary re­cruit­ment cen­ters on the op-ed pages of The New York Times — from van­dal­ism to ob­struc­tion to Molo­tov cock­tail at­tacks on cam­pus sta­tions across the coun­try; to the shut­down of a Pittsburgh mil­i­tary re­cruit­ment of­fice by zealots hold­ing signs that read “Re­cruiters are Child Preda­tors”; to the pro­longed ha­rass­ment cam­paign against the Marine re­cruit­ing cen­ter in Berke­ley, where Code Pink pro­test­ers called Amer­ica sol­diers as­sas­sins; to the bomb blast at the Times Square re­cruit­ing cen­ter last March.

And you’ll cer­tainly hear lit­tle about the most re­cent left-wing calls to vi­o­lence by a Play­boy mag­a­zine writer who pub­lished a vul­gar list of con­ser­va­tive fe­male writ­ers and com­men­ta­tors he said he’d like to rape (the ob­scene slang word he used is not print­able). The list was hyped by the mag­a­zine’s pub­lic­ity team and light-heart­edly pro­moted by main­stream pub­li­ca­tions such as (founded by Wash­ing­ton Post re­porters).

Is it too much to ask the me­dia car­tog­ra­phers in charge of map­ping the “cli­mate of hate” to do their jobs with both eyes open?

Michelle Malkin is a na­tion­ally syndicated colum­nist.

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