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What na­tional leader was be­lieved to be a new vi­sion and na­tion builder then sur­rounded him­self with law break­ers, thugs and goons? This leader acted like a buf­foon in diplo­matic set­tings, pub­licly at­tacked those that dis­agreed with him and made puz­zling con­tra­dic­tory state­ments in pub­lic dis­plays of ar­ro­gance, self ag­gran­dize­ment and nar­cis­sism?

Well, first there was Mus­solini, now Barack Obama. The main dif­fer­ence seems to be Mus­solini at­tacked other coun­tries (al­ways small ones) while Pres­i­dent Obama at­tacks his own coun­try. Both of course are dis­as­ters to their coun­try.

Don’t agree? Check out the sim­i­lar­i­ties:

A cult of per­son­al­ity driven by me­dia sup­port.

Be­lieves the only one cor­rect way is his way.

Wants to help the small per­sons like us that aren’t as bril­liant as him.

Me­dia sup­press un­kind facts and gaffes.

One had the Black Shirt thugs, the other ACORN and union thugs.

Al­ways “on stage” and giv­ing speeches.

Blames oth­ers while at­tack­ing in­di­vid­u­als by name.

Make be­lieve they are ath­letic by be­ing pho­tographed top­less or talk­ing sports.

Never re­ally ac­com­plished any­thing un­til be­com­ing El Supremo.

Bluffed way into big­ger and big­ger trou­ble without un­der­stand­ing what was go­ing wrong.

It’s al­ways about him. Doug Bewall Gold Beach, Ore­gon

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