The Left cries ‘racist’ in a crowded coun­try

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In its ob­vi­ous zeal to cre­ate a one-party state, the Demo­crat-Me­dia Com­plex (the nat­u­ral coali­tion of the Demo­cratic Party and the main­stream me­dia) this month seized upon the hor­rific mur­der of a se­cu­rity guard at the U.S. Holo­caust Memo­rial Mu­seum in Wash­ing­ton as an op­por­tu­nity to as­cribe blame to the Amer­i­can con­ser­va­tive move­ment and to fur­ther marginal­ize the Repub­li­can Party.

In record time, the me­dia’s blind par­ti­sans and their feral friends in the left-wing bl­o­go­sphere used the al­leged “lone wolf” act of James W. von Brunn — an 88-year old self-avowed racist and anti-Semite — to try to af­firm the con­tro­ver­sial Depart­ment of Home­land Se­cu­rity (DHS) re­port that posited “[r]ight-wing ex­trem­ists have cap­i­tal­ized on the elec­tion of the first African Amer­i­can pres­i­dent” and are a be­com­ing a grow­ing do­mes­tic ter­ror threat.

The net­works, CNN, MSNBC and the New York Times — the usual ob­nox­ious sus­pects — toed this spe­cious ide­o­log­i­cal slan­der, even though it smacks of the kind of pro­fil­ing that the left re­jects. Even Shep­ard Smith of Fox News jumped to the same con­clu­sion by of­fer­ing a surge of nasty notes in his in-box as proof. (You should check my e-mail, Shep!) If a newsreader on Fox News thinks it’s true, tri­umphal left­ies crowed, then it must be!

While Mr. von Brunn is af­forded the de­scrip­tor of “al­leged” per­pe­tra­tor be­fore a court of law con­victs him, the con­ser­va­tive move­ment is granted no such due process. In a coun­try where the in­di­vid­ual is “in­no­cent un­til proven guilty,” con­ser­va­tives have been forced to ac­tively dis­as­so­ci­ate them­selves from an ide­o­log­i­cal lin­eage to white su­prem­a­cists, anti-Semites and other racist mis­cre­ants. And th­ese days there’s less and less me­dia space for them to fight this un­fair ac­cu­sa­tion.

Rush Lim­baugh, the bete noire of the Demo­crat-Me­dia Com­plex, came un­der fire for dis­claim­ing von Brunn from the main­stream po­lit­i­cal right. Mr. Lim­baugh, no stranger to such high-level or­ches­trated slan­ders, righ­teously chal­lenged Pres­i­dent Clin­ton and his me­dia abet­tors for con­nect­ing nonex­is­tent dots be­tween rightlean­ing AM talk ra­dio and Ti­mothy McVeigh’s bomb­ing of the Al­fred P. Mur­rah Fed­eral Build­ing in Ok­la­homa City in 1994.

Fif­teen years later, the glar­ing me­dia dou­ble stan­dard of putting only “right-wing” groups on pub­lic “guilt by as­so­ci­a­tion” trial is still on dis­play for all who care to see.

“Why was it ou­tra­geous ‘guilt by as­so­ci­a­tion’ to con­nect Barack Obama to a do­mes­tic ter­ror­ist like Bill Ay­ers and an anti-Semite like [the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr.], but it’s per­fectly main­stream to as­so­ciate all con­ser­va­tives with this nut job?” asked Jonah Gold­berg, best-sell­ing au­thor of “Lib­eral Fas­cism” and a na­tion­ally syndicated colum­nist.

Or what about the count­less ter­ror­ist at­tacks by un­af­fil­i­ated Mus­lim groups or in­di­vid­ual ji­hadists that the me­dia ex­plains away as iso­lated in­ci­dents? Some­how the Coun­cil on Amer­i­can-Is­lamic Re­la­tions (CAIR) and its me­dia de­fend­ers win the day with their col­lec­tive cry: “Don’t rush to judg­ment!”

But, turn­about is fair play, right?

While Mr. von Brunn is cur­rently be­ing made out to be the poster child of the Repub­li­can Party, even a cur­sory look at his pro­fessed views shows he is the avowed en­emy of the GOP in its cur­rent in­car­na­tion. Among many oth­ers, Mr. von Brunn hates Ru­pert Mur­doch, Fox News (that means you, too, Shep!), Ge­orge W. Bush and John McCain. And ac­cord­ing to the FBI, Mr. von Brunn even had in his ve­hi­cle the ad- dress of the Weekly Stan­dard, home base of the dreaded “neo­cons.”

Seems Mr. von Brunn wasn’t a big fan of the Iraq War and also be­lieved that 9/11 was an “in­side job.” Given this po­lit­i­cal sketch, Mr. von Brunn would feel at home at Camp Casey, Cindy Shee­han’s an­ti­war out­post in Craw­ford, Texas, and at the Daily Kos con­ven­tion, rather than par­tak­ing in a Na­tional Re­view cruise with pro-Is­raeli war hawks Mark Steyn and Vic­tor Davis Han­son.

It’s not Charles Lind­bergh’s Re- pub­li­can Party any more. And it hasn’t been for more than a half­cen­tury. But don’t tell that to the facile minds at the DHS and CNN.

The in­con­ve­nient truth is that David Duke and James von Brunn cur­rently share more in com­mon with Markos Moulit­sas and Ari­anna Huff­in­g­ton than with Bill Kris­tol and Charles Krauthammer. But the right wouldn’t be so crass or fool­ish to try to blame the po­lit­i­cal left for the ex­is­tence of — or mo­ti­va­tion be­hind — haters like Mr. von Brunn.

No one is sug­gest­ing Mr. von Brunn was do­ing hip rolls at the Huff­in­g­ton Post tent dur­ing the Demo­cratic Na­tional Con­ven­tion, but his un­der­ly­ing phi­los­o­phy, when ex­am­ined and detailed, shares eerie sim­i­lar­i­ties to the dom­i­nant “mul­ti­cul­tural” mind­set at the lib­eral Amer­i­can col­lege cam­pus and on prom­i­nent left­wing blogs.

Change the word “supremacy” to “stud­ies” and you’ll un­der­stand the sep­a­ratist mold dom­i­nant in hu­man­i­ties de­part­ments across the land. Women’s Stud­ies, Queer Stud­ies, AfricanAmer­i­can Stud­ies and Chicano Stud­ies all pro­duce cul­tur­ally ac­cept­able sep­a­ratist and supremacy mind-sets and coun­te­nance move­ments that re­sem­ble those of white su­prem­a­cists.

La Raza, Mecha and the Black Pan­thers all have prom­i­nent places at the aca­demic ta­ble. Pro­fes­sors like Michael Eric Dyson and Cornel West make a hand­some liv­ing bait­ing peo­ple un­for­tu­nate enough to be born with white skin. Pres­i­dent Obama’s “wise Latina” choice to re­place re­tir­ing Supreme Court Jus­tice David H. Souter ex­em­pli­fies how the post-struc­tural­ist, racial­ist lu­natics have taken over the asy­lum.

Right now, the Demo­crat­icMe­dia Com­plex is us­ing the sin­gle act of a lone lu­natic far re­moved from the po­lit­i­cal main­stream to split this coun­try on racial grounds in the pur­suit of its own po­lit­i­cal ad­van­tage. With the list­less Repub­li­can Party lack­ing in any vo­cal lead­er­ship, it will prob­a­bly suc­ceed.

An­drew Bre­it­bart is pub­lisher of the news por­tals Bre­it­ and Bre­it­ His lat­est en­deavor, Big Hol­ly­wood (http://bighol­ly­wood.bre­it­ m/), is a group blog on Hol­ly­wood and pol­i­tics from the cen­ter/right per­spec­tive.

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