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“Thomas Perez was con­firmed as head of Jus­tice’s Civil Rights Divi­sion by a 72-22 vote. This is a shabby show­ing by Se­nate Repub­li­cans, lift­ing a hold, re­fus­ing to force a clo­ture vote, and then vot­ing over­whelm­ingly to con­firm him,” Jen­nifer Ru­bin writes in a blog at­men­tary­

“As detailed here, Perez holds ex­treme views of civil rights law and has long ad­vo­cated racial quo­tas even for jobs for which merit should be the sole cri­te­rion (e.g., doc­tors, fire­fight­ers). More­over, this was per­haps the only lever­age Repub­li­cans had to ex­tract co­op­er­a­tion from the Jus­tice Depart­ment with ef­forts by mem­bers of Congress and the U.S. Civil Rights Com­mis­sion to in­ves­ti­gate the dis­missal of the New Black Pan­ther Party case,” the writer said.

“Keep your eye out now for po­ten­tial per­son­nel changes now that Perez has his ticket to the Jus­tice Depart­ment. Ob­servers with knowl­edge of the Civil Rights Divi­sion ex­plain that once Perez is con­firmed, the Obama team may look to re­place Christo­pher Coates, the Vot­ing Sec­tion chief, who has been, as one in­formed at­tor­ney de­scribes him, ‘the Depart­ment’s chief cham­pion for ap­ply­ing fed­eral civil rights laws in a racially fair and neu­tral fash­ion.’ The at­tor­ney ex­plains that Coates ‘over­saw the New Black Pan­ther case and was an ag­gres­sive ad­vo­cate for pur­su­ing a com­plete rem­edy against all de­fen­dants.’

“If Coates is re­moved, it will be a clear state­ment about the Obama ad­min­is­tra­tion’s ef­forts to re­make civil-rights en­force­ment and adopt the Left’s view that the laws only run in one di­rec­tion — against white per­pe­tra­tors. Keep in mind also that, once Perez is sworn in, there is a 120-day cool­ing-off pe­riod that freezes per­son­nel shifts at the sec­tion level. How­ever, be­fore Perez is sworn in, all bets are off. Stay tuned.”

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