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Kevin Jen­nings hasn’t come clean. There are still many unan­swered ques­tions about how he han­dled a high-school sopho­more who he said con­fessed to a ho­mo­sex­ual re­la­tion­ship with an older man.

Two weeks ago, Brew­ster came for­ward and gave a state­ment to Me­dia Mat­ters, a group with clear par­ti­san ties to Democrats, in which the for­mer stu­dent cor­rected Mr. Jen­nings’ state­ment of his age and de­nied any sex­ual re­la­tion­ship. That, CNN and the Obama ad­min­is­tra­tion claim, is the end of the con­tro­versy. Hardly. The new in­for­ma­tion cre­ates as many ques­tions as it an­swers. Some of Brew­ster’s claims con­tra­dict Mr. Jen- nings’ 2000 speech to a Gay, Les­bian and Straight Ed­u­ca­tion Net­work con­fer­ence in Iowa. Mr. Jen­nings said his meet­ing with Brew­ster occurred dur­ing the beginning of the 1987 school year; Brew­ster said that it occurred in 1988. Mr. Jen­nings claimed that the boy had en­gaged in sex; Brew­ster says he didn’t.

Mr. Jen­nings’ de­fend­ers as­sert that there is no prob­lem now be­cause Brew­ster says he didn’t have sex with an “older man.” But no one, in­clud­ing a se­nior Obama ad­min­is­tra­tion of­fi­cial in the Depart­ment of Ed­u­ca­tion, can ex­plain why Mr. Jen­nings would man­u­fac­ture a sex­ual re­la­tion­ship. This wasn’t an ex­tra­ne­ous story. He used the tale on mul­ti­ple oc­ca­sions to ex­pound on the prob­lems of ho­mo­sex­ual stu­dents. This has been Mr. Jen­nings’ pet cause for two decades. Mr. Jen­nings’ de­fend­ers can­not ac­cept Brew­ster’s state­ments without an ex­pla­na­tion why Mr. Jen­nings would make up this story — a story so key to his mes­sage.

Whether Brew­ster was 15 years old or just turned 16, a sopho­more hav­ing sex with an older man he met at a bus sta­tion bath­room should have raised alarm. Mr. Jen­nings’ story de­tails how he found Brew­ster asleep in a school dor­mi­tory when he should have been in class. The stu­dent blamed his skipped class on a night spent with the “older man.”

In ad­di­tion, Brew­ster’s state­ment demon­strates that “Robert­son” — an­other stu­dent whose sex­ual “ad­ven­tures” ap­pear in Mr. Jen­nings’ ac­counts of his days as a teacher — is not sim­ply an­other pseu­do­nym for Brew­ster. An Obama ap­pointee in the Depart­ment of Ed­u­ca­tion had no ex­pla­na­tion for this and other clear dif­fer­ences in­di­cat­ing that Robert­son was an­other young stu­dent that Mr. Jen­nings sim­ply ad­vised to use a con­dom without any warn­ings about danger­ous re­la­tion­ships.

Two weeks ago, Brew­ster ac­cused those rais­ing con­cerns about this is­sue of en­gag­ing in “ho­mo­pho­bic smear at­tacks.” That’s not the case. A teacher ig­nor­ing a fe­male sopho­more’s con­fes­sion that she met an older man in a bath­room and then went home with him raises sim­i­lar con­cerns. When Obama ad­min­is­tra­tion of­fi­cials can’t ex­plain Mr. Jen­nings’ com­ments, it is time for Mr. Jen­nings to an­swer some of th­ese ques­tions him­self.

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