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It’s like weight train­ing. For­mer Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is me­thod­i­cally build­ing up her po­lit­i­cal prow­ess and the grav­ity of her opin­ions — fram­ing her­self as se­ri­ous con­tender rather than mere provo­ca­teur.

“Amer­i­cans want health care re­form be­cause we want af­ford­able health care. We don’t need sub­si­dies or a pub­lic op­tion. We don’t need a na­tion­al­ized health care in­dus­try. We need to re­duce health care costs,” Mrs. Palin wrote at her Face­book page in a lengthy take on health care re­form.

“But the Se­nate Fi­nance [Com­mit­tee] plan will dra­mat­i­cally in­crease those costs, all the while ig­nor­ing com­mon-sense cost-sav­ing mea­sures like tort re­form. Though a Con­gres­sional Bud­get Of­fice re­port con­firmed that re­form­ing med­i­cal mal­prac­tice and li­a­bil­ity laws could save as much as $54 bil­lion over the next 10 years, tort re­form is nowhere to be found in the Se­nate Fi­nance bill.”

“Here’s a novel idea. In­stead of work­ing con­trary to the free mar­ket, let’s em­brace the free mar­ket. In­stead of go­ing to war with cer­tain pri­vate-sec­tor com­pa­nies, let’s em­brace real pri­vate-sec­tor com­pe­ti­tion and al­low con­sumers to pur­chase plans across state lines. In­stead of tax­ing the so-called ‘Cadil­lac’ plans that peo­ple get through their em­ploy­ers, let’s give in­di­vid­u­als who pur­chase their own health care the same tax ben­e­fits we cur­rently give em­ployer-pro­vided health care re­cip­i­ents. In­stead of crip­pling Medi­care, let’s re­form it by pro­vid­ing re­cip­i­ents with vouch­ers so that they can pur­chase their own cov­er­age,” Mrs. Palin ad­vised.

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