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Afghanistan exit strat­egy brim­ming with troop num­bers, with­drawal dates and bench­marks for Afghan Pres­i­dent Hamid Karzai could back­fire, prompt­ing en­trenched en­e­mies to wait it out and sim­ply spring on the lo­cals once the U.S. bids farewell.

“No one is say­ing that we’re go­ing to end our part­ner­ship with the Afghan peo­ple,” White House se­nior ad­viser David Ax­el­rod told CNN on Dec. 1. “But we are, at some point, go­ing to have to trans­fer re­spon­si­bil­ity for se­cu­rity to them and I think ev­ery­body un­der­stands that.”

Mr. Ax­el­rod con­tin­ued: “What this will do is give a sense of ur­gency to the lead­er­ship in Afghanistan to get se­ri­ous about the is­sues they have to deal with, in­clud­ing not just build­ing up the army but also deal­ing with is­sues of gov­er­nance and cor­rup­tion, of de­liv­ery of ser­vices to peo­ple, things that are needed in or­der to strengthen them against the chal­lenge that they face. We don’t want to cre­ate a sense of de­pen­dency, the sense that we will be there for­ever, and there­fore they don’t have to get se­ri­ous about the tasks at hand.” lenges, you can pur­chase gen­eral tick­ets, rang­ing in price from DKK 199-1,499 de­pend­ing on where in the room you want to sit,” the prac­ti­cal Danes ad­vise. “There will be large screens, so that every­one will get a good view.” Pub­lisher Al Reg­n­ery, Her­itage Foun­da­tion pres­i­dent Ed­win J. Feul­ner and for­mer at­tor­ney gen­eral Ed Meese are among an ar mada of conser va­tive heavy­weights to fete au­thor and ace po­lit­i­cal strate­gist Craig Shirley Dec. 1, on the release of his new book “Ren­dezvous with Des­tiny: Ron­ald Rea­gan and the Cam­paign that Changed Amer­ica.”

The 600-page vol­ume is a de­fin­i­tive in­sider ex­am­i­na­tion of Mr. Rea­gan’s 1980 pres­i­den­tial cam­paign; the book won praise from Newt Gin­grich and Mark Levin.

“I hope that read­ers will come away with a greater ap­pre­ci­a­tion for prac­ti­cal ide­al­ism and that while po­lit­i­cal con­sul­tants can help a can­di­date, they can also do great harm,” Mr. Shirley tells In­side the Belt­way. “Also, I hope read­ers will learn never to edit a word doc­u­ment in­side an e-mail. It could cause them to lose a month’s worth of work which could cause them to cry and then cause them to get drunk.” Well, OK. “There is no truth to the ru­mor that the White House din­ner crash­ers will show up,” adds a wag­gish source who will be in at­ten­dance.

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