Truth takes a back seat to lib­eral agenda

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Al­most ev­ery once-cred­itable source (from our pres­i­dent to our sci­en­tists) is now ly­ing to us. Re­cently, thou­sands of emails be­tween “Global Warm­ing” sci­en­tists re­vealed the tricks they used to show the earth was warm­ing and the mea­sures used to black­ball those who dis­agreed.

Demo­crat leaders promised their health care bills would cost un­der 1 tril­lion dol­lars in 10 years. The fact is, they start col­lect­ing the taxes in 2010, but cov­er­age would not start un­til 2014. There­fore, they would be pro­vid­ing cov­er­age for only 6 of those 10 years.

The main­stream me­dia lies by omis­sion. When Fox News un­cov­ered cor­rup­tion at ACORN, the rest of the me­dia hardly cov­ered it. When, sin­cere­signed pres­i­den­tial czar Van Jones was ex­posed as a proud com­mu­nist, they didn’t cover it. When those e-mails showed how sci­en­tists around the world were “cook­ing the books” about global warm­ing, they barely cov­ered it. At a time when our gov­ern­ment wants to im­pose “Cap and Trade” taxes on us that would add $3,000 to our elec­tric bills per year, they haven’t ex­posed this enor­mous global warm­ing scam.

Pres­i­dent Obama said there was no Repub­li­can health care plan. Not true. Con­gress­man Price’s 265-page bill, HR3400, is a mat­ter of record. Mr. Obama said you can keep your health care plan if you like it. If your em­ployer puts you on the cheaper gov­ern­ment plan, have you kept your health care?

The gov­ern­ment web­site cov­er­ing jobs cre­ated or “saved” claims over 600,000 jobs, yet it’s rid­dled with thou­sands of jobs from con­gres­sional dis­tricts that don’t ex­ist. The one thing all th­ese liars have in com­mon: they are all on the left. Con­rad Quagliaroli, Wood­stock, Ge­or­gia

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