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Why was so much of what Roo­sevelt said and did left on his­tory’s cut­ting room floor?” he asks.

Should he ask that ques­tion of ev­ery pres­i­dent, Mr. Bradley would have an­other book to write. Look for in­ves­tiga­tive ace John Stossel to resur­face on the pub­lic radar in a big way. “Stossel,” his one-hour weekly foray into eco­nomic is­sues, de­buted Dec. 10 on the Fox Busi­ness chan­nel at 8 p.m.

“I plan to ex­plain what true eco­nomic lib­erty means to my view­ers,” Mr. Stossel tells In­side the Belt­way. “I want to talk about things like Ayn Rand and ‘At­las Shrugged,’ and the true costs of global warm­ing.”

The for­mer ABC vet­eran has signed on for 44 episodes.

“And about that global warm­ing, in head­ing up the news this week. It re­ally has be­come a kind of sec­u­lar re­li­gion,” Mr. Stossel says. “And a lot of the faith is fu­eled by peo­ple with a dis­tinct ha­tred of cap­i­tal­ism. It’s re­li­gious zealotry, and any­one who dis­agrees with th­ese peo­ple about cli­mate is­sues is chas­tised and dis­missed.”

He has his keen eye fixed upon one per­son in par­tic­u­lar, though.

“Al Gore says the de­bate about global warm­ing is over. But he won’t de­bate any­one about it,” Mr. Stossel ob­serves. “And for the record, I’d de­bate Al Gore any­time.” Rosin, Ka­t­rina van­den Heu­vel and oth­ers of the lib­eral and pro­gres­sive per­sua­sions. Cu­ri­ously, the book is dis­trib­uted by Health Com­mu­ni­ca­tion Inc., pub­lish­ers of the best-sell­ing “Chicken Soup for the Soul” se­ries.

“There’s a book line I’m now go­ing to boy­cott,” ob­serves one an­noyed Palin fan.

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