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Wehner writes in a blog at­men­tary­

“On the Se­nate floor, for ex­am­ple, he com­pared Repub­li­cans who op­pose Oba­maCare to those who op­posed the abo­li­tion of slav­ery. In Reid’s words: ‘In­stead of join­ing us on the right side of his­tory, all Repub­li­cans can come up with is this: “Slow down, stop ev­ery­thing, let’s start over.” If you think you’ve heard th­ese same ex­cuses be­fore, you’re right. When this coun­try be­lat­edly rec­og­nized the wrongs of slav­ery, there were those who dug in their heels and said, “Slow down, it’s too early, let’s wait, things aren’t bad enough.” ‘

“For one thing, the Se­nate ma­jor­ity leader’s retelling of his­tory is a wee bit off. It was the first Repub­li­can pres­i­dent, Abra­ham Lin­coln, who freed the slaves. . . . And the only per­son serv­ing in the Se­nate to­day who was an ‘Ex­alted Cy­clops’ — that is, the top of­fi­cer in a lo­cal Ku Klux Klan unit — is for­mer Demo­cratic ma­jor­ity leader Robert Byrd. ...

“Re­cently, I have taken both James Fal­lows and E.J. Dionne Jr. to task for their glar­ing dou­ble stan­dard on the is­sue of in­ci­vil­ity in pub­lic dis­course. Their out­rage is ex­pressed only when Repub­li­cans cross cer­tain lines; they re­main si­lent when Democrats do. A Dionne col­league wrote me to say I was be­ing un­fair to him. Well, then, here’s a fine op­por­tu­nity for Dionne and Fal­lows — and for many other com­men­ta­tors — to con­demn the kind of hate­ful rhetoric they say they find so dis­taste­ful. It’ll be in­struc­tive to see how many ac­tu­ally do.” ers of any specifics the e-mails re­vealed, San­dell, who didn’t ut­ter a syl­la­ble about them on Sun­day’s ‘Good Morn­ing Amer­ica,’ con­cluded his ‘World News’ piece: ‘The sci­ence is solid, ac­cord­ing to a vast ma­jor­ity of re­searchers, with hot­ter tem­per­a­tures, melt­ing glaciers, and ris­ing sea level pro­vid­ing the proof.’ ” “Slowly and mostly un­no­ticed by the ma­jor news me­dia, the air has been go­ing out of the global warm­ing bal­loon,” Steven F. Hayward writes in the Weekly Stan­dard.

“Global tem­per­a­tures stopped ris­ing a few years ago, much to the dis­may of the cli­mate cam­paign­ers. The U.N.’s [. . .] Copen­hagen con­fer­ence — which was sup­posed to yield a bind­ing green­house-gas emis­sions-re­duc­tion treaty as a suc­ces­sor to the failed Ky­oto Pro­to­col — col­lapsed weeks in ad­vance and re­mains on life-sup­port pend­ing Obama’s mag­i­cal in­ter­ven­tion. Cap-and-trade leg­is­la­tion is stalled on Capi­tol Hill. Re­cent opin­ion polls from Gallup, Pew, Ras­mussen, ABC/Wash­ing­ton Post, and other poll­sters all find a dra­matic de­cline in pub­lic be­lief in hu­man-caused global warm­ing,” Mr. Hayward said.

“The cli­mate cam­paign­ers con­tinue to in­sist this is be­cause they have a ‘com­mu­ni­ca­tions’ prob­lem, but af­ter Al Gore’s No­bel Prize/Academy Award dou­ble play, mil­lions of dol­lars in paid ad­ver­tis­ing, and the re­lent­less doom-mon­ger­ing from the me­dia echo cham­ber and the po­lit­i­cal class, this ex­cuse is pre­pos­ter­ous. And now the cli­mate cam­paign is hav­ing its Em­peror’s New Clothes mo­ment.

“In mid-Novem­ber, a large cache of e-mails and tech­ni­cal doc­u­ments from the Cli­mate Re­search Unit (CRU) at the Uni­ver­sity of East Anglia in Bri­tain were made avail­able on a num­ber of In­ter­net file-servers for down­load by the pub­lic — ei­ther the work of a hacker or a leak from a whistle­blower on the in­side. The e-mails — more than 1,000 of them — re­veal a small ca­bal of sci­en­tists who, in the words of MIT’s Michael Schrage, en­gaged in ‘mal­ice, mis­chief and Machi­avel­lian ma­neu­ver­ings.’ ”

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