Car­bon­hagen hypocrisy

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Some­times it’s dif­fi­cult to ac­cuse lib­er­als of hypocrisy be­cause they don’t be­lieve in stan­dards — or, at least, the stan­dards are al­ways chang­ing. But not so with the cli­mate alarmists like those meet­ing in Copen­hagen last week.

There they were — the elite of the world — mak­ing pro­nounce­ments about the way the rest of us have to live in the fu­ture: No big cars and trucks. No more power plants. No more re­finer­ies. It will be a fu­ture of wind­mills and so­lar pan­els as far as the eye can see.

Some­how peo­ple will make their money trad­ing car­bon cred­its and in il­lu­sory “green jobs.” In mat­ters of man-made, cat­a­strophic cli­mate change, they have set the stan­dards.

But is that how they live? Not by the looks of what we saw in Copen­hagen — or is it Car­bon- ha­gen?

The Lon­don Tele­graph re­ports at least 1,200 lim­ou­sines were booked for the oc­ca­sion — only five of them elec­tric or hy­brids ve­hi­cles. There aren’t enough limos in all of Den­mark to meet the de­mand. They were com­ing change con­ven­tion. There’s not enough room for them all to park in Copen­hagen, so they had to be flown to Swe­den and then fly back for re­turn flights.

No­body is walk­ing. No­body is rid­ing a bi­cy­cle. No­body is liv­ing the life­style they in­sist on com- grave con­cerns for the planet to af­fect their own com­fort — not even for a few days, not even for show.

Fur­ther­more, there will be no ac­count­abil­ity for the ac­tions taken at Copen­hagen. In­stead of set­ting mod­est goals for car­bon

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