Gay mar­riage comes to the na­tion’s cap­i­tal

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Gay mar­riage is com­ing to the District. The D.C. Coun­cil voted 112 on Dec. 1 to make the city the sixth ju­ris­dic­tion in the United States to le­gal­ize same-sex unions.

Mayor Adrian M. Fenty has vowed to sign the leg­is­la­tion af­ter a sec­ond Coun­cil vote Dec. 15. It will then go to Congress for a manda­tory 30-day re­view process and be ap­proved by the Demo­crat­ic­con­trolled ma­jor­ity.

By early next year, the District will start au­tho­riz­ing mar­riage li­censes to gay and les­bian cou­ples — the seat of the fed­eral gov­ern­ment thereby join­ing Mas­sachusetts, Con­necti­cut, Iowa, Ver­mont and (beginning in Jan­uary) New Hamp­shire. The ho­mo­sex­ual move­ment is on the march.

The bill rep­re­sents the tri­umph of lib­eral elitism over the will of the peo­ple. The ma­jor­ity of District res­i­dents dis­ap­prove of same-sex mar­riage. In par­tic­u­lar, the is­sue has ex­posed pro­found racial di­vi­sions. The city’s small, lat­te­sip­ping, up­scale and left-lean­ing white com­mu­nity gen­er­ally fa­vors it. Blacks — by large num­bers and of all so­cial and eco­nomic stripes — op­pose it.

This is be­cause most blacks are so­cially con­ser­va­tive. Re­li­gion plays a cen­tral role in their lives and com­mu­ni­ties. As de­vout Chris­tians or Mus­lims, many blacks are pro-life cul­tural tra­di­tion­al­ists who do not share the Demo­cratic Party’s sec­u­lar lib­eral agenda.

Yet gay mar­riage is be­ing passed against their will. Mar- ion Barry, the for­mer mayor of the District, was one of the two coun­cil mem­bers to vote against the bill be­cause it is highly un­pop­u­lar with his over­whelm­ingly black con­stituents.

Mr. Barry un­der­stands that his job is to rep­re­sent the val­ues and in­ter­ests of his vot­ers rather than to kow­tow to chic left­ist causes that will fur­ther un­der­mine the black com­mu­nity.

Many blacks re­sent the fact that ho­mo­sex­ual ac­tivists have usurped the legacy of civil rights. Gay-rights ad­vo­cates ar­gue that same-sex mar­riage

Gays and les­bians are not forced to sit at the back of the bus as blacks once were. They are not de­nied vot­ing rights or ac­cess to lunch coun­ters. There are no per­mis­sive laws re­gard­ing the lynch­ing of ho­mo­sex­u­als. In short, gays and les­bians en­joy the same po­lit­i­cal and le­gal rights as do all other Amer­i­cans.

They are free to en­gage in con­sen­sual sex in the pri­vacy of their own bed­rooms: They are not vic­tims of state-sanc­tioned sub­ju­ga­tion. To claim oth­er­wise triv­i­al­izes the chil­dren. Hence, gay mar­riage is a con­tra­dic­tion in terms: the act of nat­u­ral pro­cre­ation is im­pos­si­ble. Al­most ev­ery ma­jor re­li­gion — such as Chris­tian­ity, Ju­daism and Is­lam — pro­hibits same-sex unions for this rea­son.

Only since the rad­i­cal 1960s has mar­riage been re­de­fined into an all-con­sum­ing quest for self-ful­fill­ment and self-grat­i­fi­ca­tion. Self­ish­ness has re­placed self­less­ness. The re­sults have been dis­as­trous: abor­tion, sky­rock­et­ing di­vorce rates, ram­pant pornog­ra­phy, a party of so­cial­ism and sex. And their pri­mary vic­tims have been blacks. The New Deal/Great So­ci­ety wel­fare state has failed to im­prove the lives of blacks or elim­i­nate the mass poverty en­demic in the in­ner cities.

In fact, it has only en­sured that many blacks re­main de­pen­dent upon gov­ern­ment hand­outs, sti­fling the habits of self-re­liance, per­sonal re­spon­si­bil­ity and en­trepreneur­ship. The Democrats have kept blacks — along with other mi­nori­ties and la­bor unions — as a re­li­able vot­ing group by mak­ing them ad­dicted to statism.

As a re­sult, there are two Amer­i­cas.

One Amer­ica is cap­i­tal­ist and mostly gov­erned by a vi­brant, wealth-gen­er­at­ing pri­vate sec­tor. The other is so­cial­ist, marked by eco­nomic stag­na­tion and di­rigisme.

For too long, the Democrats have taken the black vote for granted. They have ig­nored the eco­nomic in­ter­ests and so­cial val­ues of most blacks. They have placed power and lib­er­tine left­ist ide­ol­ogy above the needs of the black com­mu­nity. The District’s drive to­ward same-sex mar­riage is sim­ply an­other be­trayal in a long line of abuse of blacks per­pe­trated by their Demo­cratic leaders.

It is time for blacks to free them­selves from the chains of lib­er­al­ism.

Jef­frey T. Kuh­ner is a colum­nist at The Wash­ing­ton Times and pres­i­dent of the Ed­mund Burke In­sti­tute, a Wash­ing­ton think tank.

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