Have your­self a God­less lit­tle Christ­mas?

The Washington Times Weekly - - Commentary - Bill O’Reilly

Once again we are in the Christ­mas sea­son, and the coal-in-your­stock­ing crowd is back at it. This year the Amer­i­can Hu­man­ist As­so­ci­a­tion is putting up bus ads in se­lected cities that say: “No God? No Prob­lem! Be Good for Good­ness’ Sake.” The pic­ture ac­com­pa­ny­ing the text shows a group of young peo­ple wear­ing Santa hats. Ho, ho, ho.

The vir­u­lently anti-God group “Free­dom from Re­li­gion” has launched a sec­ond front. It is cel­e­brat­ing Christ­mas in Las Ve­gas with ads that say: “Yes, Vir­ginia, there is no God.” Nice. The ques­tion is: Why bother? Why spend money at Christ­mas­time to spread du­bi­ous will among men?

The rea­son, I be­lieve, is that athe­ists are jeal­ous of the Yule­tide sea­son. While Chris­tians have Je­sus and Jews have the prophets, non­be­liev­ers have Bill Ma­her. There are no Christ­mas car­ols for athe­ists, no pa­gan dis­plays of largesse like Santa Claus. In fact, for the non­be­liever, Christ­mas is just a day off, a time to con­sider that Mardi Gras is fewer than two months away.

But there is a se­ri­ous side to this, and the Amer­i­can “Hu­man­ists” should lis­ten up. Christ­mas is a joy­ous time for chil­dren, the big up­side of cel­e­brat­ing the birth of Je­sus. Why, then, do peo­ple who want to “be good” spend money den­i­grat­ing a beau­ti­ful day? Could it be that the hu­man­ists are not re­ally in­ter­ested in good at all?

The head Hu­man­ist, Roy Speck­hardt, says the anti-God signs are wor­thy be­cause they send a mes­sage that athe­ists shouldn’t be vil­i­fied as im­moral. Well, old Roy needs to wise up. claim­ing that God is a big hoax. That mes­sage may be con­sti­tu­tion­ally pro­tected, but it is not go­ing to en­gen­der much good many non­be­liev­ers en­joy do­ing is mock­ing those who em­brace the­ol­ogy. I guess that makes some athe­ists feel bet­ter, be­cause there is no other rea­son to run down Christ­mas. It is a happy day for most hu­man be­ings.

The lat­est Ras­mussen poll on the sea­son says that 72 per­cent of Amer­i­cans like say­ing “Merry Christ­mas,” while just 22 per­cent pre­fer the greet­ing “Happy Hol­i­days.” So the ev­i­dence sug­gests that de­spite the ACLU, athe­ist groups and a po­lit­i­cally cor­rect me­dia, Christ­mas is ac­tu­ally gain­ing in rel­e­vance and, per­haps, rev­er­ence.

Most folks know a good thing when they see it, and the con­verse is true, as well. They know th­ese anti-God signs at Christ­mas­time are dumb and un­nec­es­sary. Isn’t that right, Vir­ginia?

Bill O’Reilly is a na­tion­ally syndicated colum­nist.

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