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If en­vi­ros be­lieved their own lies, they wouldn’t be the big­gest CO2 emit­ters and hyp­ocrites on the planet — like Al Gore is.

They wouldn’t have those huge, waste­ful houses or use more waste­ful jets and lim­ou­sines than we do. They wouldn’t do more waste­ful jun­ke­teer­ing and cam­paign­ing. They wouldn’t level forests to print fraud­u­lent en­viro lies and pro­pa­ganda.

They would stop de­stroy­ing our his­toric mid­dle class econ­omy, de­stroy­ing our jobs, de­stroy­ing our lives and com­mit­ting geno­cide upon our west­ern free na­tions. They would stop killing our whole Amer­i­can sys­tem based on their en­v­i­ron lies. En­vi­ros would stop their war on the vi­tal CO2 mol­e­cule which gives us our green earth, grows all our crops and keeps us alive. We say no to hos­tile pseudo-sci­ence and ni­hilism and their re­sult­ing brown, dead, bar­ren earth.

Both plants and an­i­mals are nec­es­sar­ily al­ways car­bon-based life forms and there are no known sub­sti­tutes. 31,000 pro­fes­sional sci­en­tists say Al Gore is an “un­sci­en­tific” im­poster, not a sci­en­tist at all. (He was a “D” sci­ence stu­dent in col­lege.).

Choose truth and live. Ward Hartzell Twisp, Wash­ing­ton

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