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When Bar­rack Obama was an Illi­nois State sen­a­tor he spoke at a rally protest­ing U.S. in­volve­ment in Iraq. He said “I suf­fer no il­lu­sions about Sad­dam Hus­sein. He is a bru­tal man. A man who butch­ers his own peo­ple to se­cure his own power. He re­peat­edly de­fies U.N. res­o­lu­tions, thwarted U.N. in­spec­tion teams, de­vel­oped chem­i­cal and bi­o­log­i­cal weapons and cov­eted nu­clear ca­pac­ity [. . . ], but I also know that Sad­dam poses no im­mi­nent and di­rect threat to the United States, or to his neigh­bors [. . . ].”

Sen. Obama also clar­i­fied that he is not op­posed to all wars, just “dumb wars”. He de­fined “dumb war” as a “rash war”, “based not on rea­son but on pas­sion, not on prin­ci­ple but on pol­i­tics.” Now, Pres­i­dent Obama has in­volved us in Libya for all the rea­sons that he claimed weren’t good enough to war­rant in­volve­ment in Iraq. No won­der he didn’t con­sult Congress.

I’m wait­ing for the me­dia to show me footage of Cindy Shee­han, Michael Moore, Code Pink, AN­SWER, and all the other peaceniks protest­ing our con­tin­ued in­volve­ment in Afghanistan, Iraq and the U.S. at­tacks in Libya but they are nowhere to be found. It’s bad enough that the me­dia and all the anti-war com­mies fell deaf­en­ingly silent re­gard­ing the bat­tles in Iraq and Afghanistan as soon as Mr. Obama took of­fice, but now those same pro­test­ers are shame­fully silent re­gard­ing our mil­i­tary ac­tion in Libya.

But there are many is­sues for which the left­ists guns of protest have now fallen scan­dalously silent. Wire taps and the Pa­triot Act, Guan­tanamo Bay, mil­i­tary tri­bunals, high gas prices, no-bid gov­ern­ment con­tracts, fore­clo­sures, the Bush tax cuts, global warm­ing (or is it “cli­mate change” or “cli­mate dis­rup­tion” now?), gov­ern­ment disas­ter re­sponse (Ka­t­rina v. Gulf Oil De­ba­cle), and ren­di­tions. All things that were huge is­sues un­der Mr. Bush, but now the Left and their sock pup­pets in the me­dia see no evil, hear no evil nor speak any evil. The hypocrisy is nau­se­at­ing.

The me­dia used to pro­vide us with a run­ning death count from Iraq. But we’re sup­posed to be out of Iraq by now so it’s best they don’t re­mind us that troops are still dy­ing there. Since Mr. Obama took of­fice, 218 troops have come home from Iraq in flag­draped cas­kets.

Puz­zling too that I haven’t heard any sen­a­tors or re­porters cry­ing that the ad­min­is­tra­tion won’t al­low pho­tog­ra­phers to take pic­tures of those flag-draped cas­kets be­ing off­loaded at USAF bases. Sud­denly the press is no longer in­ter­ested. Shhh, re­mem­ber we’re sup­posed to be out of those places by now. Never mind.

The agenda-driven hypocrisy of the me­dia would be laugh­able if it wasn’t so fright­en­ing. Our Founders placed a high pri­or­ity on Free­dom of the Press be­cause they en­vi­sioned a press that would al­ways act as a guard dog for the Repub­lic; barking loudly at gov­ern­ment du­plic­ity and corruption. But what hap­pens when the guard dog be­comes a par­ti­san lap dog? Wayne A. Bush Roar­ing Spring, Penn­syl­va­nia

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