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I agree that the raid in Pak­istan by the Navy SEALs to as­sas­si­nate Osama Bin Laden was a bril­liant move but where is the anti-war/mil­i­tary crowd now?

We have gone against our own Con­sti­tu­tion and “as­sas­si­nated” a for­eign leader, al­beit a ter­ror­ist. We raided/in­vaded a for­eign sov­er­eign nation (Pak­istan) with­out con­gres­sional ap­proval. In the process of ac­quir­ing the in­for­ma­tion nec­es­sary to pull this off we used en­hanced in­ter­ro­ga­tion tech­niques (for­mally called tor­ture by the anti-war crowd). Then when all was ac­com­plished the pres­i­dent gloated about it and gave speeches and showed up at ground zero to her­ald his ac­com­plish­ment.

Where is the out­rage from those that called our sol­diers “mur­der­ers” and said we tor­tured prisoners at Abu Ghraib and at Guan­tanamo, where sup­pos­edly we had a“gu­lag”? Tri­als were held against sol­diers who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan who sup­pos­edly “killed” civil­ians, most of which turned out to be un­true. Code Pink trashed our mil­i­tary by show­ing up and demon­strat­ing at mil­i­tary re­cruit­ment cen­ters and by try­ing to pre­vent peo­ple from en­list­ing. Col­lege cam­puses closed their ROTC pro­grams, Thou­sands of anti-war pro­test­ers marched in the streets de­cry­ing the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and anti-mil­i­tary sen­ti­ment reeked from the pages of the main­stream press and TV.

Now where is the out­cry from the press, TV and left? Do we protest only when a Repub­li­can pres­i­dent or­ders such a raid? Since a Demo­crat pres­i­dent or­dered the raid do we now sud­denly love the mil­i­tary? Do you think we have for­got­ten how the left has hated and de­cried the mil­i­tary ever since Viet­nam? The hypocrisy, ly­ing and sud­den si­lence from the left is stun­ning and we have not for­got­ten. Nancy Deussen Moun­tain View, Cal­i­for­nia

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